OMG! The video of 2NE1’s album jacket photoshoot has already been released! I am so looking forward to this album! The girls look fierce and hot! Perfect combination of sexiness and class…

DARA: This shows a new side of us that we haven’t shown yet. I wonder how you will react.

AND HELLO! HOW HOT ARE DARA’S EYES? I TOTALLY LOVE THIS ONE! Dara can totally rock different colored lenses!

Dara’s Smexy Shoulders!!!

Click the link below for more screencaps!

Thanks dcspritetok@YouTube, @WeLoveDara and @kristinekwak!

Comments on: "Video/Caps: 2NE1’s “I Love You” Album Jacket Photoshoot Making" (16)

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  2. gorgeous

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  4. who the hell wouldn’t fall in love with this girl???/

  5. reirathroiben said:

    a foreign angel has descended to us mortals! 🙂

  6. I love’s dara new hairstyle it look’s beautiful..

  7. She’s so sexy with those eyes. Really gorgeous shot. I love those jewels and that animal print over-all.^^

  8. Wow dara is like a super model.. Wow

  9. dara is sooooooo gorgeous can’t wait for the MV

  10. I LOVE their Styles 🙂

  11. pommes21 said:


  12. dara’s hair is a concept his little brother has mentioned in a magazine interview 2 yrs back, his ideas on his future solo debut. half his hair shaved, other half long hair. then someone from shinee came out with that concept soon after i believe? or another group. it suits her, thus it might have suited thunder too.

  13. shinjos said:

    this is the link with audio

  14. i love her w/ blue eyes! They are all so fierce & amazing but of course my heart only belongs to Dara!

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