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Magazine: Photos and Snippets of Dara’s Featuring in Japanese Magazine, S’eee

Yay! Pretty, HD scans of beautiful Dara and Emi for S’eee magazine. ^_^

Dara revealed her make-up style and beauty secrets! She said that she only uses base make-up (probably bb cream), a bit of lip gloss, and sometimes eye liner. ^^ And she said that her beauty secret is drinking lots and lots of water and getting enough sleep. And she also reveals that she eats a lot of kimchi to warm her body. ^^

BON6nGHCQAAEAMe.jpg large

In the magazine, Dara said that she loves that her hairstyle is unique, and that the most challenging was her bansak hairstyle. She’s looking forward to future hairstyles as well, kekeke! She drew this to show her most popular, unique hairstyles. ^^

BON7D8uCcAACBSg.jpg large


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Scan: Dara and Emi Suzuki for “S’eee Magazine” (Japan)


Thanks to @izuminggki21 for sharing!

Scan: Beautiful, Casual Dara and Emi Suzuki for Japan’s Seee Magazine

Weeee! So so so prettyyyyy! ❤ Loving their black and white outfits, kekeke! ^_^ Casual style compared to their photos in Maquia. ^_^ Loving Dara’s cute, cute cheeks!! /pinches



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Magazine: Gorgeous Ladies Dara and Emi Suzuki for MAQUIA Magazine (HQ)

HD gorgeousness!!!



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Instagram: MYOB Designer, Tanimi, Posts a Photo of Dara Wearing MYOB Hat from MAQUIA Magazine


Source: tanimi_myob@instagram

Twitter: Fangophilia Gives a Heartfelt Shoutout to Dara and Emi Suzuki Wearing Her Accessories

Shoutout from Fangophilia! ^_^ The designer of the accessories that Dara and Emi Suzuki were pimping out in Maquia magazine. ^_^

BNlzBPACAAAve6K.jpg large


i think Dara is wearing Fangophilia’s “Finger Covers” in gold. ^_^ It’s a bit too weird and eccentric for my style, but whatever floats your boat! Kekeke!


You can check out Fangophilia’s collection at her Facebook page or website


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Blog: Emi Suzuki Blogs About Sharing Secrets With “Dara-Chan!” – “You are Charming…”

YAY! Blog translations! So nice to see Dara going out and making friends! <333 And oohhh, a magazine photoshoot? Weee! ^^

Suzuki Emi

In the production of S’eee Vol. 4, I got to talk with 2NE1’s Dara!
She told me a lot about the secrets of having a beautiful skin, make-up details (or
what special/particular make-up she/to use), and the Korean beauty standards in

*Truthfully, I know you are charming that’s why I like you♡*

She also gave me an album and a DVD☆
Thank you DARA chan(^_^)

Everyone, please look forward for the magazine by all means!!


Source: Emi Suzuki’s blog

Translated by: @choubites

Instagram/Photo: Emi Suzuki (@seee_official) Shares a Gorgeous Photo with Dara


It appears that Dara had a photoshoot with Japanese Model Emi Suzuki for “S’eee” Magazine who is also the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief! 

Can’t wait to see the result! ^^


s’eeeでDARAちゃんと対談しました ?  #2NE1

Source: seee_official@instagram

Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) – I had a magazine photoshoot with a Japanese model Suzuki Emi…”

Now we know why Dara is in Tokyo and its not just for a vacation! ^^ She is there working! Woo hoo!!!

Dara did a magazine photoshoot with Japanese Model Suzuki Emi. ^^ She is the Editor-in-Chief of Japanese Magazine “S’eee”.  Emi Suzuki is a Chinese-born Japanese model and retired occasional actress. She is a prominent figure in the Japanese modelling and fashion industry.


Did a magazine shoot with Suzuki Emi-san. We talked about beauty & fashion and introduced Korea and Japan to each other~ We also shared a lot of good information to each other. Although my Japanese is not good, it was fun ^^ Nice meeting you~


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls