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Instagram: MYOB Designer, Tanimi, Posts a Photo of Dara Wearing MYOB Hat from MAQUIA Magazine


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Twitter/Photo: Dara with Accessories Brand “MYOB” Designers Comi and Tanimi

Dara is really shopping up a storm in Japan! ^^ Earlier today she visited the store of Comi and Tanimi of Jewelry Brand “MYOB” (Mind Your Own Business). 

BUT GUYS!!! Dara is looking oh so gorgeous in white! In fact, she is wearing a freaking dress underneath her white jacket!!! 

Its RARE that we see Dara in a dress unless when 2NE1 is performing so OH MY GOD! Please Dara! Please Dara! Show us a full body shot of you in that dress! T_T

On a side note… I wonder if Dara-chan is in Japan for a project? She is surrounded by managers and stylists. Who knows if this “vacation” is actually for something much more special?



Accessories brand ”MYOB ( mind your own business) made by COMI & Tanimi.

We began in 2009, designing accessories in Japan and came to NY to show our work in the same year.
our individual designs, have attracted the attention of varied clothing brand designers, as well as the attention of photographers of fashion, and even many stylists. Some of our stuff has even been used in some of they’re fashion shows!!.
WE are a Kickass Team of tough as nails girls from JAPAN
so check out our designs, you will love them, we figured if they are hot in Japan, why wouldnt they be hot here?
our accessories deserve your attention NY, so hit us up!

Here’s some of their work!





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