Oh. My. Gawd.  Yes Elle, I totally forgive you for giving us only one official cut of Dara from the magazine. Thank you so much for this beautiful BTS video! Good Lord, Dara is so flawless! My feels when I first saw the video!!! Dang, Dara is just so so so perfect, and she looks like a goddess, and I love this photoshoot so freaking much! She looks so so so chic!!!

Sandara Park for Elle Korea – “Say My Name

Credits: gilbakk0221

If you want to see the video in Elle Korea’s website, here’s the link:

Dara BTS for Elle Korea

Comments on: "Video: Gorgeous Dara’s Flawless Behind-The-Scenes Video for Elle Photoshoot – “Say My Name – Sandara Park”" (9)


  2. d fucks i give said:

    f*cking beautiful. i’m older than her so jealous of her beauty.

  3. i think i can watch this video for thousand times…..she is too pretty!

  4. oh my Gowwwd! such a tease! i love it Dara is perfect in every angle! no words to say haist shes everything

  5. There are no words to describe how gorgeous our goddess is. She is just FLAWLESS!!!

  6. OMG. Wae u so pretty???!!!

  7. english sub please

  8. dara your very beautiful…i hope i can buy that magazine of yours….very pretty dara!!!

  9. really beautifull and i cant take my breath…

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