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Video: 2NE1’s Performance at MTV VMAJ Live in Nagoya

Here are the girls at the mini-concert in Nagoya! They look so beautiful! Amazing perfs! ^_^

Credit: kiri@Youtube

Photos: Unseen 2NE1 Photos at 2012 MTV VMAJ

The girls’ bright smiles <333 So beautiful!!!


Source: @sjaikb

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: 2NE1 Posing with Ms. Ooja at MTV LIVEDAM Sing for Smile Tour VMAJ

Such beautiful ladies!!! <333

(A/N: Ms. Ooja is a Japanese singer-songwriter who was one of the hosts at the event.)

Credit: sjaikb on Twitter

Photo: Reporter Dara Informs Blackjacks that They are on Their Way yo Nagoya for VMAJ!

Weee! Such pretty nails Dara-ya! And oh, I remember those shoes! I remember wanting them so so so bad. T_T 

Anyways, I’d just like to address this: About Dara using @GlobalBlackjack and uploading her photos.

We should ALL be grateful that Dara is updating. We should be appreciative of her efforts, instead of complaining about why she’s only uploading her own photos and such. ALL the girls have access to this Twitter account. It’s just that Dara is the one in 2NE1 who most feels the need to update fans. I’m sure CL, Bom, and Minzy want to update fans too, but Dara is the one who takes communication with the fans to heart. She has mentioned time and again that she loves Blackjacks and she wants to use multimedia to connect with the fans. 

I don’t understand why she gets so many rude, ungrateful mentions on @GlobalBlackjack. I just don’t understand how the minds of other people think.

#2NE1TODAY What’s up Blackjack? Who is the only member that always thinks about Blackjacks? Blackjack nail design&shoe! 

#2NE1TODAY We were in Osaka yesterday for VMAJ and are now on our way to Nagoya by the Shinkansen train!

#2NE1TODAY As you all know, we recently won the Best New Artist Video award!^^ Thank you so much! From Reporter Dara


Twitter: 120623 Hwangssabu Celebrates 2NE1’s Win at MTV VMAJ

Master Hwang must be so proud. He uploaded this photo of the girls receiving their award at MTV VMAJ on his Twitter account. ^^

U know this is 2NE1^^

Source: Hwangssabu’s Twitter

Twitter/Photo: 120623 YGEX Updates About 2NE1 Winning at 2012 MTV VMAJ

Woot! A clear photo of the girls’ clothes at today’s event. Gorgeous girls!!!! <333 Congratulations 2NE1!


Source: YGEX’s Official Twitter

Twitter/Photo: 120623 Cute 2NE1 Backstage with “Crazy” Dance Crew Member

Heejung of the “Crazy” dance crew congratulated 2NE1 for their win at the MTV VMAJ! ^_^ I just love 2NE1’s closeness with the people who works with them. ^^ Congratulations again ladies!

2NE1신인상축하한다^^ 또함께할 무대를 기약하며..♡

2NE1 congrats on the rookie award^^ looking forward to performing together again..♡


Source: Heejung’s Twitter

Translated by: kristinekwak on Twitter

News: 2NE1, 2PM to Give Live Performances at MTV VMAJ 2012

Yey! Who’s excited? I know I am! ^__^

2NE1, 2PM to give live performances at MTV VMAJ 2012

K-pop male idols 2PM and female girl group 2NE1 will stage live performances at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards Japan (MTV VMAJ).

On Friday, the MTV VMAJ’s official website showed that 2PM and 2NE1 will sing their hit Japanese songs at the awards ceremony, which will open at the Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba on June 23.

At the event being hosted by popular Japanese electro trio Perfume, both K-pop idol groups will share the stage with internationally famous artists such as Exile, Miliyah Kato, J Soul Brothers III and Linkin Park.

Meanwhile, 2PM and 2NE1 received nominations at the MTV VMAJ 2012 in the best group video category, each with their music videos to “I’m Your Man” and “I am the Best.”

Several other K-pop acts including Girls’ Generation, KARA, SHINee and CNBLUE were also nominated at the music fest.

Source: 10 Asia