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Photos: 141220 Fantaken Pics of Dazzling Sandara Park at 2NE1’s Fanmeeting at Nagoya, Japan

Well hello there beautiful, radiant Lady Dara! ❤ Her hat is back! She took it off while performing though.. XD Again, cannot emphasize how much I love seeing her hair styled so simply yet so beautifully this way.. ❤






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Instagram: Quirky, Chick Dara Shares a Pretty Photo While Craving Chicken Wings ~ “Arrived in Nagoya!”

Dara sharing another pic, I think this was taken the same time as the other one updated earlier.. ^_^ She looks so cute with Santa Kiiroitori on top of her head.. ❤ Craving chicken wings while wearing a chick hat.. XD


Nagoya I arrived〜 Chicken wings!Chicken wings”


Source: @daraxxi

Translated by: @KJOP21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 2NE1’s Performances for LiveDam in Nagoya

OMG, it’s been quite a while since I’ve watched vids of the girls performing, and once again, I am in awe of how much they totally BRING IT! ^^ The whole vid is great to watch, with the girls’ energetic performances. Watch at 9:06 of the vid, during Go Away, how Dara and the dancer play tug-of-war with her mic. XD

2NE1 – LiveDam “Sing For Smile” VMAJ Tour in Nagoya [HQ]


The girls performed Fire, Scream, Go Away, and I Am The Best. ^^

Photos: 120907 Fan Meet and Greet with 2NE1 at “New Evolution” Nagoya, Japan

So so so cute! ^_^ How adorable is it that every time there’s a new photo, the girls are holding up different fan gifts? Lucky Japanese Blackjacks!

Source: @6002theMaipyon

Me2Day: Super Cute and Adorable 2NE1! “Thank you Nagoya Blackjacks!”

Awwww! The girls are so cute! ^_^ Thank you Dara for always updating about the girls! In her me2day, Dara thanked Nagoya Blackjacks and said that Minzy’s tebasaki dance during the concert was the cutest ever! ^^ In tonight’s “New Evolution” performance in Nagoya, Minzy performed the tebasaki (or chicken wings) dance for Nagoya Blackjacks and fan accounts said that it was really cute. Minzy’s Dara-unnie found it really cute as well!

투애니원 in 나고야! 20120908! 나고야 공연도 무사히 끝낫어요^_^ 나고야 블랙잭들 땡큐우~!^.*여러분들의 에너지를 받고 신나게 놀았어요!!! 민지의 테바사키 댄스도 완전 귀여웠고!ㅎㅎ테바사키사키!ㅋㅋ다음은?!? 요코하마 아레나~!!!예아~!!!

2NE1 in Nagoya! 20120908! Concert in Nagoya has come to an end ^_^ Nagoya Blackjacks thank you~!^.* The energy we received from you was surprising!!! Minzy’s chicken dance was very/super cute! Tebasakisaki! kk Next?!? Yokohama Arena~!!! Yeah~!!!

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: @Parkers_Sandara

Video: 2NE1’s Performance at MTV VMAJ Live in Nagoya

Here are the girls at the mini-concert in Nagoya! They look so beautiful! Amazing perfs! ^_^

Credit: kiri@Youtube

Photo: Reporter Dara Informs Blackjacks that They are on Their Way yo Nagoya for VMAJ!

Weee! Such pretty nails Dara-ya! And oh, I remember those shoes! I remember wanting them so so so bad. T_T 

Anyways, I’d just like to address this: About Dara using @GlobalBlackjack and uploading her photos.

We should ALL be grateful that Dara is updating. We should be appreciative of her efforts, instead of complaining about why she’s only uploading her own photos and such. ALL the girls have access to this Twitter account. It’s just that Dara is the one in 2NE1 who most feels the need to update fans. I’m sure CL, Bom, and Minzy want to update fans too, but Dara is the one who takes communication with the fans to heart. She has mentioned time and again that she loves Blackjacks and she wants to use multimedia to connect with the fans. 

I don’t understand why she gets so many rude, ungrateful mentions on @GlobalBlackjack. I just don’t understand how the minds of other people think.

#2NE1TODAY What’s up Blackjack? Who is the only member that always thinks about Blackjacks? Blackjack nail design&shoe! 

#2NE1TODAY We were in Osaka yesterday for VMAJ and are now on our way to Nagoya by the Shinkansen train!

#2NE1TODAY As you all know, we recently won the Best New Artist Video award!^^ Thank you so much! From Reporter Dara