Weee! Such pretty nails Dara-ya! And oh, I remember those shoes! I remember wanting them so so so bad. T_T 

Anyways, I’d just like to address this: About Dara using @GlobalBlackjack and uploading her photos.

We should ALL be grateful that Dara is updating. We should be appreciative of her efforts, instead of complaining about why she’s only uploading her own photos and such. ALL the girls have access to this Twitter account. It’s just that Dara is the one in 2NE1 who most feels the need to update fans. I’m sure CL, Bom, and Minzy want to update fans too, but Dara is the one who takes communication with the fans to heart. She has mentioned time and again that she loves Blackjacks and she wants to use multimedia to connect with the fans. 

I don’t understand why she gets so many rude, ungrateful mentions on @GlobalBlackjack. I just don’t understand how the minds of other people think.

#2NE1TODAY What’s up Blackjack? Who is the only member that always thinks about Blackjacks? Blackjack nail design&shoe! 

#2NE1TODAY We were in Osaka yesterday for VMAJ and are now on our way to Nagoya by the Shinkansen train!

#2NE1TODAY As you all know, we recently won the Best New Artist Video award!^^ Thank you so much! From Reporter Dara


Source: GlobalBlackjack@Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: Reporter Dara Informs Blackjacks that They are on Their Way yo Nagoya for VMAJ!" (41)

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  2. other fans really don’t get it.. im just very happy that DARA is updating us.. i love DARA and HELL I CARE TO ALL HATERS! lets continue supporting DARA ❤

  3. come on!! those daraling or applers never bashed anyone from the group and as what i observe in every videos of 2ne1 dara always get bashed thats why im happy that 2ne1 tv is ended, i’m happy watching dara’s fancam and and coming here to follow her activities and to admin:if possible please don’t post any anti news here to avoid dara’s fans reactions and opinions.

  4. With all due respect, I think you’re misunderstanding. While I agree that somehow some Daralings reactions sometimes are too much, this subject here is totally different. How can they explain this hating Dara for updating her fans??? How the hell they relate it to daralings behavior. NO just NO. In this case they are just really being rude and impolite.

  5. MamaWowa said:

    Sadly, it has gone to this… Some fans are just outright disrespectful!!! The funny thing is this only happens to IBlackjacks. Even in her Me2day KBJs asks her to give message to their biases & ask her to ask them to update. Dara answers to them & do ask other members to do the update for the fans. There was a time that she mentioned not to expect more (something like that) after one member updated. But KBJs, they’re even very grateful for that. Don’t you think that some members are just really very private that they don’t want to be included in the updates or maybe doesn’t want to be bothered. Dara is just as she is, she just want to connect with Fans not for her own glory but she knows how to feel like a FAN. If she’s doing it via GlobalBlackJack… she is very entitled to. It’s her PR job or not, should be thankful for her updates knowing that they are all so busy. Especially now that even posters about the concert in Seoul is non-existent. She is trying the best she can to promote & to connect for 2NE1 and their Fans!!!!

  6. During her audition in the Phil., she already said that she wanted to have many fans. Maybe because she wants to share what she has to others. Tsk Tsk

  7. all i can say is, dara does not post only her photos, to be exact, dara’s just the one who makes time to update and share her photos and 2ne1’s activity thru @globalblackjacks and in other sns services. In fact, she even posts and shares the other members’ photos and activity,as per CL’s videos and photos among other things, as PR of 2ne1. I just hope let’s all stop these bashing, and just support dara and 2ne1 together. If one considers himself or herself as a blackjack, I guess it’s not correct to hate or bash dara because blackjacks are 2ne1’s fans, and dara is a part of 2ne1.

  8. it’s just so funny how other biases fan is complaining over what Dara is doing wherein she’s just giving BJ a favor by letting us know what they are doing and they are complaining also if Dara’s fans complained about her least to almost none part in their songs

  9. ooooh my..
    wat is dis all about …dis bashing..pls can anyone tel me i dnt undrstnd..
    but wat ever it may i wil alwyz n 4ever luv n supprt DARA…

  10. Fellow Daralings,
    I made a video for our dear Dara, I just uploaded it yesterday
    hope you guys can watch it. Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt-tFQdncVI

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  12. why that some people hate dara so much.i dont see anythng wrong abwt dara.she’s an angel..why dnt they tell their biases to update.they are all jealous to dara anyways haters are haters what can u expect.for me dara is the best and the mst sincere kpop idol that i met.dara continue ur good attitude were always here to support u we love.goodluck in ur cmeback.God bless u always!

    • it’s always because of jealousy..
      well, they can hate on Dara,
      but we all know that they can’t match our love for Dara.

  13. Is it truee? why the others blacjacks are so cruel, she didn’t do anything, the others members are just busy so she wanna update us on 2NE1’s activity, why no one appreciates her effort? daraaaa T_____________T

    • knownlurker said:

      There are a lot of people who appreciates her updates. It’s just that there are just RUDE people who wasn’t raised by their parents well.

  14. It really hurts when others bash Dara for no apparent reason. I seriously get really offended when they do that to Dara because its uncall for. I really dislike those hypocrite who calls themselves a BJ and then bash Dara. She is willing to put so much time and effort for her fans and this is how they respond?! I really hope those idiots get a freaken life. Dara doesnt deserve any of that.

  15. hater is full of jealious why cuz dara is beautiful/cute/pretty/lovely/kin/talent/brave/funny/amazing/ an more more more she can do shit hater are stupid hate people for nothing i mean dara dont even do nothing to u why hate her stupid hater

  16. knownlurker said:

    The reason why Dara is being hated is because that’s how the bitch world goes. We tend to hate the most popular, the most beautiful, the most relevant, the one who excels and etc. It’s just INSECURITY, no other reason. I suggest that they should focus more on their bias rather than wasting their time on Dara. This is why I only go to Dara bias sites. 2ne1 sites already lost my respect (personal opinion), clearly their admins tolerate Dara bashing (they are even friends with Dara bashers) and what’s worst is that some of their admins do blatantly bash Dara. It’s always like Dara vs the 3 other members on their mind.

    • oh i know what you mean…i HAVE stayed away from 2ne1 sites…not because i don’t support 2ne1 but because i have seen some of the tings that they’ve done..so instead of getting provoked i just tried to stay away. now why can’t ‘non-dara’ biased fans do that? why can’t they just ‘stay away!’ and just don’t insult dara.

    • what??!
      they’re doing that to Dara? how can they?? Dara is a member of 2ne1 too.
      Oh well, well I guess I know the answer, because she’s more famous.
      But you know, I didn’t even or nor I think to bash the other 2ne1 members coz I love 2ne1.
      yeah I’m a Dara bias, but, I’m a 2ne1 fan too. So, i will RESPECT Bom, Mingki and CL.

    • KeeNBrooklynite said:

      That’s the reason why I don’t even dare click on their website to avoid increasing the number of visits in their page. I love 2NE1. But I love DARA more. And i know DARA loves Bom, CL, and Minzy so that’s why I love them too. And along with that love I have for DARA is the respect I have for her and for those she loves. So, as a Daraling, I stay away from the other sites that don’t understand what Dara did for the whole of 2ne1 or what she’s contributed to the whole YG family. People who are narrow-minded aren’t really aware of these personalized marketing strategies she’s doing. What’s even amazing is that DARA is doing these stuff with such sincerity and commitment. She’s certainly ONE OF A KIND. DARA knows how to ignore those hateful remarks. (As a Daraling, I know that’s what Dara wants me to do too). She’s a PROFESSIONAL. That’s why she’s a cut above the rest. She’s a SURVIVOR. WE LOVE YOU DARA!! We will be waiting for you when you come to NY/NJ.

      • Dragonfly87 said:

        Amen to that!! Dara shines the brightest among the members because of her commitment as a member of 2NE1/YG family and as an artist.

        People should mind their own business and stop the hate. It doesn’t help 2NE1 at all. If they want our artists to outshine the rest of the idol groups, they better stop this sh!+ from escalating and just… Shut up. ^^,

        anyway, like KeeNBroolkynite, I can’t wait to see my girls in NYC!!! I wish I could get up close and give Dara a hug!! >___<

      • I totally agree with you! I am so proud of our Goddess Dee. Despite of the hateful comments she get from other blackjacks (I really dunno if they are really one since they are bashing one precious member of 2ne1) she still stand firm and continue to love all blackjacks. Me, too…I am so happy to be a daraling… whatever happens we will always be there for Dara. She’s a strong and so much loved girl. Her numerous projects are just some of her blessings that God gave to her because she has a good heart…a very forgiving heart. WE LOVE YOU SANDY! 😀

    • agree with you, i thought “OH DARA” is only about dara but here its all about 2ne1 members , hmmm sounds like a fan wars approaching ,he he no more 2ne1 tv where they can bash dara, oppps sorry 🙂

  17. all the haters neeed to disappear in this freakin world .. they are the pest in our idol being bias and tell sumthin nthey arnt supose to say ! did they even study mannerism? guess not they need to leran hoe to respect others 1 such a shame dara dont worry we are here to protect u ..

  18. ggrrrrr they should be thankful instead cause dara is updating us, it’s their biases that are lazy ggrrr soo fucking pissed. dara dear don’t take to heart their words remember daralings love you so much we’ll always support you.

  19. awkward610 said:

    Finally happened…since Dara start using GlobalBlackjacks twitter to updates fans…i knew this bashing gonna happened sooner or later…and i’m sure when she’s updating,she’s gonna get a glimpse at some of those comments…poor Dara…always the hated one…hmmmm^^

    • knownlurker said:

      I think that only means that Dara must be doing something right. You know you make it if you have haters left and right hahaha. As what Minji said, it’s better to be hated than be ignored.

  20. i pity those idols who have such rotten fans…
    i’m so lucky to be a daraling because my idol cares takes time to update us..

    • knownlurker said:

      Yes agree. Their actions reflects more on their biases. Such rotten fans. If I was their bias I wouldn’t want them tarnishing my image. Yikes!~

  21. That’s really sad. Why the hell people are being rude to Dara? They just can ignore the tweets if they aren’t grateful. I don’t understand how there are people so childish and jealous for their idols that are going to such lame extremes as to take time just to give their rude and unnecessary comments. Really?? If they love just their awesome idol then they should just mind their idol’s business and leave or ignore Dara. It’s frustrating that this simple fact of Dara wanting to update her fans is bothering some people. That’s lame and immature of them. I’m sure they can’t be totally called blackjacks, if ever, they are half blackjacks or bias whore. Tsk people don’t know about the word respect.

  22. cant do anything if their bias lazy to tweet with them ha ha poor blackjacks they not solid should change it to roulette, ops sorry i’m not blackjack but i like 2ne1 songs and of course ❤ dara

  23. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    They are not TRUE Blackjacks if they hate one GIRL.. tsk. I’m a Daraling, I’m not a blackjack… Anyways, THANK YOU DARA for updating! Such a Sweetheart!

  24. egliukas said:

    I hope Dara wont take it to heart, because there are even more fans that love her ..

  25. ilovessantokki said:

    I just hope she isn’t hurt by the rude things people tweet to her with their irrational hate. She’s just trying to keep in touch with the fans. Didn’t know that was such a bad thing.

  26. its not like dara is stopping the other girls on using their twit accnt,ryt grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  27. only narrow minded people will bash dara for updating 2ne1 fans…

  28. i wonder why they bash dara ..i think she only updates for blackjack..she didnt even show her face right …

  29. They are not called blackjacks if they continue bashing goddess D…i hate them, aist! Im so furious bcoz they keep complaining on @globalblackjacks what if dara read all of them,im sure she’s hurt…

    • I think, she already read it, coz it’s her personality. Poor Dara, damn those HATER!

  30. faith19 said:

    i totally agree with admin…

    we should be thankful to dara for giving us updates

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