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Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes her New Room Design and Avatar for Line Play ~ “Dara is Now an Actress!”

Dara updated this yesterday in five different languages.. ❤



Line Play: Actress Dara Invades Line Play with New Avatar and Room Make-Over ~ “Visit to Get Free Item!”

Actress Dara is invading Line Play~! Dara has a new room and avatar in Line Play, and you can get a free item if you visit her room, a 2NE1 lighstick! ^^11068080_800885743293955_3972547309143092129_n

[LINE PLAY x DARA] 2NE1’s Dara gets an Avatar and Room Make-Over!

DARA from 2NE1 is getting a official room makeover!
★ Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick.
(Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)
★ How to visit Dara’s official room:
From the main screen> tap ‘Add’ > find Dara > tap Visit

Download LINE PLAY from below:

11071046_800885756627287_2286456056929296524_n 11000166_800885746627288_4933373503841706754_n

DARA from 2NE1 is getting an official room makeover!
Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick. (Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)

DARA’s official room @

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Source: 2NE1 and LINE PLAY Facebook, ziine89 YouTube

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Line: Dara Encourages her “Line Friends” to Watch “Dr. Ian” on March 29 ~ “I did my Best, but I’m Nervous About what Blackjacks would Think”

Dara updated 2NE1’s Korean Line Play yesterday, and updated the English version today~! 

Watch Dr. Ian trailer~!




Source: 2NE1 Line

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Line: Shocked Dara Reveals that she’s Now “Three-Colored Darong” Due to Sunburn

OMG sunburn! XD Dara is so fair that I bet she burns easily.. T_T Aigoo.. T_T But so happy that she still got to enjoy it.. ❤


Are you sleeping?!?

I just napped for awhile earlier.. When I opened my eyes, it’s dawn already.. I still can’t sleep TT.TT huhu.. I’m jet-lagged keke but what sould I do…? TT.TT

This time, after going to the Philippines and finished my schedule, the staff and I did a voting. On our last day, it’s an evening flight so we have one day free time and we’re thinking whether to go to the sea or to rest in Manila. But there were a lot of suggestions to go to the sea so we went there! This time, I just went right away after filming for the drama so of course I brought proper summer outfits but not outfits for playing on the water.. I didn’t bring any so I had to buy and wear everything from head to toe. There’s one with fresh color that I liked but it’s for kids! The others have dull colors so.. I tried to wear it because I want to know if it fits me.. and it does -.-;;; Should I like it or not hoho..

That is why a fresh colored bracelet fits me and I wore it and went to the sea and swim on the pool. I plated the whole day and washed feeling good to go home.

Well… Why are my hands like this.. Although I put a lot of suncream.. why! What’s worse is my whole body is not tanned but only the parts uncovered with my clothes and bracelet… AM I not terribly tanned? I’m so shocked T.T It’s the first time that this happened to me again after since I was young.. It seems like I can’t wear one piece clothes revealing half of my arms or my whole arm… It’s embarrassing so.. Really.. The places covered with clothes are not tanned at all and My face and legs are fortunately tanned only a bit but my arms and hands are terribly tanned. My look now is like a three-colored cat like Bambi.. I’m three-colored Darong.. Goodnight! hahahahahahaha!!


Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Line: Sweet, Caring Dara Shares a BTS Story About her “Beat Radio Recording” ~ “Re-Wrote and Re-Recorded the Talk Part Passionately”

Awww.. Dara’s dedication to the fans is really touching.. The fact that she went and did the talk part herself, even though there was a prepared script already, just so she can share more of herself with the listeners is really sweet.. T_T Her schedule must be killing, that’s why she had to talk to a writer for the script, but she found time out of her busy schedule to re-write and re-record the talk part because she found that the talk part didn’t come out as personal as she wanted.. ❤ And as a fan I feel humbled whenever I think of the things she goes out of her way to do for fans who love her, to show that she loves us back,.. ❤ Fighting Dara, we are always always here for you! ❤


Dara: “Good morning!!! ^.^ My eyes are still drowsy~~~ Nowadays, I haven’t slept well so I’m tired everyday but it’s been fun~!!!Yesterday, I opened a BEAT account and wished that all Blackjacks would also enjoy it, too. I picked the song selection as for the talk, the writer gave me a script~ and set the base story according to what I told her~ and since there was a script. The talk didn’t come out naturallyㅋㅋ So even tho it was so busy, I went to find the writer, typed, & went as far as re-recordingㅋㅋTalk about passionㅋㅋㅋI might’ve annoyed the staff ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋAnyway, being able to understand and share something with each other… is a big joy*** And so I did everything while enjoying it~ After this experience if I get another chance like this…I might be greedy but if I get a great chance like this again, I will work harder ^.^ Have a good day!!!”



Source: Dara’s Line Play Diary

Screencap by: WeLoveDara

Translated by: @XXiKJOP

Line: Dara Shares her Eye Make-Up Story on her Line Diary ~ “Trying It By Myself!”

When I read this update, I was like, “She has eye make-up on?!” Kekeke! I had to squint at the photo, and sure enough, there’s an eye-line so thin you don’t notice it straight away.. XD 



Source: @littlestone_

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Line Diary: Sweet Cat Lady Dara Spent New Years with her “Babies” and Encourages Blackjacks to Join Sean’s Briquette Volunteer Service~ “Should We Go Together?”

Awww, Dara has such a lovely heart.. ❤ Warm, beautiful cat ahjumma spent her New Years with her babies! ^_^ I spent mine with my family, two dogs, and two cats, so yayyy! ^_^ And also, she used this chance to promote Sean’s charity campaign! I hope a lot of people go on January as well! ^^

line-play-150101-1 line-play-150101-2

Title: Happy New Year~!!! ^_^

It’s the end of the year, had everyone spend it well?! I quietly spent it with my cats at home home and rested well. My babies.. ran around since it’s the new year and they’re super innocent-looking and pretty when fast asleep.. +.+ I wanna bite them!

Now~ that it’s the new year! Every year, the preparation is different! Doing different things and having resolutions! Determined!!!  We don’t have official schedules as of now so we’re unable to meet (with fans) but we have been working hard separately to become cooler and meet you guys again. I’m very excited for that day ^^

Anyway, any Blackjacks who have good physical capabilities…?! ‘Cause today, Sean-oppa did a briquette-volunteer service since I’m still at a state where I’m coughing, I couldn’t do it.. TT_TT But in January, I have a chance to go and thought going together is much better~~~ ^_^ So.. I thought if there are Blackjacks who want to go, then should we go together..?

And NO! I’m not forcing you to do it! And even though I’m weak or what not, I can do things well! I did so well when I volunteered back then! Heh~ Don’t be afraid!!! And small help can make your heart feel warmth!!! >.<

Let’s all be Happy in 2015!!! ♥️


Translated by @KJOP21 via ForeverWithDara
creencap by @21pinkMIC

Line: Apple-Hair Dara Shares her Mint Choco Coffee Experience ~ “Shocked that it was so Delicious” + City Guy Jjangmae

Awww, Dara is so cute and chill and cool! I want to have coffee with you too, unnie.. T_T Anyway, I’m sure the girls miss CL as much as she misses them.. ❤



“City guy” Jjangmae updated his Instagram account, eating Honey Butter thick toast (yum yum yummmmm! Now I’m craving one T_T) , and you can see a bit of Dara’s colorful hoodie on the left.. I think a third person might have been with them, since there’s a third cup of coffee there.. Unless Jjangmae was drinking both.. O_O And ooohhh, I recognize the logo from the cup, they went to “Tom N Tom’s Coffee”~! XD



Sources: Dara’s Line + Jjangmae’s Instagram + Caps by 

Translated by: 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Line: Dara Updates After a Long Time ~ On AON’s Ending, New Beginnings, Comfy Clothes, and Abs on Vacation!

Wow, it’s been so long since Dara updated Line! I’m so happy she did! ❤ Awww, she talks about her abs taking a break.. I know we miss seeing her baring them, but if it’s at the cost of her health, then no, Dara eat as much as you want and be healthy! ❤

And oh look, she’s mentioned that she’s actually scared of airport fashion. She wants to dress comfortably (in sweats and loose, comfy clothing that she loves), but dresses up for the Blackjacks who are at the airport and for all of us waiting for pictures. I think Dara knows some of the fans’ sentiments, telling her to “dress up more” or to “mind” what she’s wearing, but I love her even when she’s dressed down. She’s making an effort already, stepping out of her comfort zone to show us so much of herself, so Dara, if you want to dress comfortably, please do not mind us, we love you no matter what, and what you wear won’t change that.. ^_^




Source: 2NE1 Line Account

Capped by: @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @KJOP21


Line: And the New Dara Fan is.. Park Bom! “Became a New Fan After Seeing the Doom Dara Outfit”

Oh, so it’s Bommie who’s giving Mingkki a run for her money being the Dara Fan Club President! ❤



Source: 2NE1 Line

Capped by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara