Awww.. Dara’s dedication to the fans is really touching.. The fact that she went and did the talk part herself, even though there was a prepared script already, just so she can share more of herself with the listeners is really sweet.. T_T Her schedule must be killing, that’s why she had to talk to a writer for the script, but she found time out of her busy schedule to re-write and re-record the talk part because she found that the talk part didn’t come out as personal as she wanted.. ❤ And as a fan I feel humbled whenever I think of the things she goes out of her way to do for fans who love her, to show that she loves us back,.. ❤ Fighting Dara, we are always always here for you! ❤


Dara: “Good morning!!! ^.^ My eyes are still drowsy~~~ Nowadays, I haven’t slept well so I’m tired everyday but it’s been fun~!!!Yesterday, I opened a BEAT account and wished that all Blackjacks would also enjoy it, too. I picked the song selection as for the talk, the writer gave me a script~ and set the base story according to what I told her~ and since there was a script. The talk didn’t come out naturallyㅋㅋ So even tho it was so busy, I went to find the writer, typed, & went as far as re-recordingㅋㅋTalk about passionㅋㅋㅋI might’ve annoyed the staff ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋAnyway, being able to understand and share something with each other… is a big joy*** And so I did everything while enjoying it~ After this experience if I get another chance like this…I might be greedy but if I get a great chance like this again, I will work harder ^.^ Have a good day!!!”



Source: Dara’s Line Play Diary

Screencap by: WeLoveDara

Translated by: @XXiKJOP

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