Awww, Dara is so cute and chill and cool! I want to have coffee with you too, unnie.. T_T Anyway, I’m sure the girls miss CL as much as she misses them.. ❤



“City guy” Jjangmae updated his Instagram account, eating Honey Butter thick toast (yum yum yummmmm! Now I’m craving one T_T) , and you can see a bit of Dara’s colorful hoodie on the left.. I think a third person might have been with them, since there’s a third cup of coffee there.. Unless Jjangmae was drinking both.. O_O And ooohhh, I recognize the logo from the cup, they went to “Tom N Tom’s Coffee”~! XD



Sources: Dara’s Line + Jjangmae’s Instagram + Caps by 

Translated by: 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Line: Apple-Hair Dara Shares her Mint Choco Coffee Experience ~ “Shocked that it was so Delicious” + City Guy Jjangmae" (2)

  1. isn’t this the time she met up with Robi Domingo? She was wearing the same outfit and I remembered Jjangmae ate something similar for dessert :))

    • You are correct. The picture in her diary is a #latepost. Jjangmae posted his picture a few weeks ago around the time of Robi’s visit.

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