OMG sunburn! XD Dara is so fair that I bet she burns easily.. T_T Aigoo.. T_T But so happy that she still got to enjoy it.. ❤


Are you sleeping?!?

I just napped for awhile earlier.. When I opened my eyes, it’s dawn already.. I still can’t sleep TT.TT huhu.. I’m jet-lagged keke but what sould I do…? TT.TT

This time, after going to the Philippines and finished my schedule, the staff and I did a voting. On our last day, it’s an evening flight so we have one day free time and we’re thinking whether to go to the sea or to rest in Manila. But there were a lot of suggestions to go to the sea so we went there! This time, I just went right away after filming for the drama so of course I brought proper summer outfits but not outfits for playing on the water.. I didn’t bring any so I had to buy and wear everything from head to toe. There’s one with fresh color that I liked but it’s for kids! The others have dull colors so.. I tried to wear it because I want to know if it fits me.. and it does -.-;;; Should I like it or not hoho..

That is why a fresh colored bracelet fits me and I wore it and went to the sea and swim on the pool. I plated the whole day and washed feeling good to go home.

Well… Why are my hands like this.. Although I put a lot of suncream.. why! What’s worse is my whole body is not tanned but only the parts uncovered with my clothes and bracelet… AM I not terribly tanned? I’m so shocked T.T It’s the first time that this happened to me again after since I was young.. It seems like I can’t wear one piece clothes revealing half of my arms or my whole arm… It’s embarrassing so.. Really.. The places covered with clothes are not tanned at all and My face and legs are fortunately tanned only a bit but my arms and hands are terribly tanned. My look now is like a three-colored cat like Bambi.. I’m three-colored Darong.. Goodnight! hahahahahahaha!!


Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

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