Awww, Dara has such a lovely heart.. ❤ Warm, beautiful cat ahjumma spent her New Years with her babies! ^_^ I spent mine with my family, two dogs, and two cats, so yayyy! ^_^ And also, she used this chance to promote Sean’s charity campaign! I hope a lot of people go on January as well! ^^

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Title: Happy New Year~!!! ^_^

It’s the end of the year, had everyone spend it well?! I quietly spent it with my cats at home home and rested well. My babies.. ran around since it’s the new year and they’re super innocent-looking and pretty when fast asleep.. +.+ I wanna bite them!

Now~ that it’s the new year! Every year, the preparation is different! Doing different things and having resolutions! Determined!!!  We don’t have official schedules as of now so we’re unable to meet (with fans) but we have been working hard separately to become cooler and meet you guys again. I’m very excited for that day ^^

Anyway, any Blackjacks who have good physical capabilities…?! ‘Cause today, Sean-oppa did a briquette-volunteer service since I’m still at a state where I’m coughing, I couldn’t do it.. TT_TT But in January, I have a chance to go and thought going together is much better~~~ ^_^ So.. I thought if there are Blackjacks who want to go, then should we go together..?

And NO! I’m not forcing you to do it! And even though I’m weak or what not, I can do things well! I did so well when I volunteered back then! Heh~ Don’t be afraid!!! And small help can make your heart feel warmth!!! >.<

Let’s all be Happy in 2015!!! ♥️


Translated by @KJOP21 via ForeverWithDara
creencap by @21pinkMIC

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