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Video: Jung Il- Woo Reveals that Dara is his Only Female Friend in the Industry ~ “We Still Keep Contact Even After 6 Years”

Okay, so he had a fanmeeting event in Beijing, and had an interview after..  And when asked about friends in the business, he mentioned Dara!


I think it’s really cute and adorable that they maintained their friendship after 6 years! And the fact that they only worked together once, makes me think of how Dara could be such a precious and awesome person to create a lasting friendship after only working together for a short time.. ❤

Jung Il Woo mentions Sandara


Credits: Zcy D

Translated by:  @WeLoveDara

Twitter: Jung Il Woo Compliments Dara’s Body – “You have a great body. Even better than mine~”

Kyaaa! Even Il Woo couldn’t resist Dara’s gorgeous body! Haha! <333 I love these two’s interactions! Wish we could see more! ^_^



ILWOO: You have a great body. Even better than mine ㅋㅋ

DARA: A good body you say…ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you~ ^_^v


Source: @krungy21 + @ActorJungIlwoo
Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara


Video: Jung Il-Woo and Infinity Challenge Groove to “COME BACK HOME”

LOL poor Il-Woo got traumatized by the Infinity Challenge cast. XDDD 2NE1 on Infinity Challenge please!

Jung Il-Woo and Infinity Challenge Groove to “COME BACK HOME”

Credits: MBCentertainment

News: Sandara Park and Jung Il-Woo Shows Off their Close Friendship, “Are You Coming to See 2NE1?”

Sandara Park to Jung Il-Woo, “Are You Coming to See 2NE1?”



Actor Jung Il-Woo and 2NE1’s Sandara Park shows off their friendship through SNS!

On the 20th, Sandara Park posted a question to Jung Il-Woo through Twitter, “Il-Woo~ Hello?!? We’re going to Hanyang University Festival tomorrow, are you coming? Have fun with your seniors and juniors and with Dongki-nim too! ^_^” to which Il-Woo then replied, “I need to study.. So it seems I might not be able to go…. Sorry~ Sing a lot of fun songs!” expressing his regret.

However, Sandara Park was undeterred, “What~ Fine! Play when we play!!! You have to!!! Will expect you to come~^^” urging him to come to the group’s performances. In the end, Jung Il-Woo gave in to Sandara Park, saying, “So then tomorrow, we will play~~” he said. Finally, Sandara Park said, “Play, play!!! It’s a festival anyways!!! ^^ Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh~~” ending their conversation on an excited and happy tone.

Netizens who read their posts commented, “What? So you guys are close friends? I didn’t know that,” “It’s so cute how these two are talking about festivals and invitations. A surprising connection that warms the heart,” “It looks like these two kept their friendship warm ever since the Iljimae days. It’ll be good to see him in the college festival after working hard,“Sandara Park- and Jung Il- Woo’s unexpected friendship,” “Sandara Park and Jung Il- Woo’s faces are both tiny,” “Don’t Sandara Park and Jung Il-Woo give off a close friends force? No, Sandara Park-noona….” “I hope that Sandara Park and Jung Il-Woo’s friendship never changes,” “These two are really friendly towards each other,” “I hope that Jung Il-Woo really does go to the Hanyang University Festival,” “Jung Il-Woo, I look forward to seeing you at the festival as well,” “Sandara Park and Jung Il- Woo are two good people,” “Sandara Park and Jung Il-Woo, please meet me at the festival,” “Sandara Park is too cute,” “Thanks to Twitter, we find out that these two are good friends,” “How did this happen?” “How did I not know about Sandara Park and Jung Il- Woo’s friendship before this?” “These two are really close friends?” “An unexpected but warm friendship”  showing their reactions.


Source: Nate 1, 2, 3, 4
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Jung Il Woo (@ActorJungilwoo): “Are you drunk?”

If you have seen our earlier post, Dara was tweeting randomly on twitter. Apparently, CL decided to play with her phone. Because of Dara’s random tweets, Il Woo decided to tweet this:

Are you drunk??ㅋㅋㅋㅋ RT @krungy21: I’m Ssandora Park

Source: @ActorJungilwoo

Video: Il-Woo Thanks Dara For Watching His Drama And Invites Her For A Meal

And here we go! ^^ Finally it’s clear that it was Ilwoo who invited Dara for dinner sometime, after she texted him about enjoying his show. ^^ And OMG his spazzy smile when the MC commented on their kiss scene! Haha! ^^ So cute! ^^

120311 Actor Jung Il Woo invites 2NE1’s Dara to eat together On Entertainment Report


Photos: Dara’s Pre-debut pics with Korean Idols

Credit: cristina0422 @ soompi


Big thanks to cristina0422@soompi for the awesome collage 🙂