Credit: cristina0422 @ soompi


Big thanks to cristina0422@soompi for the awesome collage 🙂

Comments on: "Photos: Dara’s Pre-debut pics with Korean Idols" (17)

  1. @Jive, Mathel & Laine– it’s is good to know that I’m not alone 🙂 I actually feel and reacted the same way as you guys..i actually never liked her before, now, visiting this blog completes my day.

    .i totally adore her! somehow i feel that she is reachable because she’s genuine, she’s simple, she’s true, she’s sweet..yet she’s one of the hottest korean celebrities today, she stays humble and has been the nicest to her fans, very rare for a celebrity nowadays..cant help but feel proud with her every achievements..even the simplest updates, trivial news about her makes my’s official, i’m a DARAHOLIC now. =)


      you are welcome smartee, i appreciate your comment becoz we are all like minded. SHE’S TRULY WONDERFUL GIRL ISN’T? oh she is …

      So it’s official right? congrats 2u ;D i hope we celebrate that with some Kimchi tonight 😉

    • hi smartee,

      yes, dara is reachable. her humble beginnings made her. as what she said she love her fans coz she is also a fan until now. love dara’s character more than her beautiful appearance.

  2. stars galore! 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this up!
    saw those pics before, she posted them herself in PEX right?
    her pictures when she was in korea the one with the BB boys and other stars! ^^ didn’t know them before, LOL!
    There are two more with YB, GD, Minji and May Doni in Lotte world and also another one with YB and So-1 in the back in Lotte world still~ so yeah, it ain’t photoshop, LOL! they are really close waay before~
    Thanks for sharing! ^^


  5. Funny if somebody told me at that time i will be a sandara park fan i’ll consider that corny, unbelievable and would laugh at that prediction. I knew little of her. She does looks cute but a bit awkard for my taste. last time i heard of her in 2008 they said she went home and didn’t get lucky. Poor girl. I ONLY BECAME CURIOUS OF WHAT HAPPENED TO HER ONLY LAST DECEMBER AND IT TRANSFORMED ME UPSIDE DOWN. waaaah

    • me too!!! i dont like sandara before but now i willing to die for her.
      funny but true!!! kekeke

    • Same here Jive and Laine, been in the US for more than 20 Years and never heard of her before except for some of her movies that my Mother-in-law brought. Never followed her but find her very funny already and as you know JIve that after awhile being away it is hard for us to find some Pinoy comedy funny but she did caught my attention. Got aware of her again late last year from an E-live interview by Bianca Gonzalez. And OhDara website got me hooked and satisfied my everyday Daranitis. Yes Jive, we were born again.

      • Wow, imagine that. Talk about spiritual epidemic taking place 😀

        No wonder she is called Goddess Dara, it suit her magnetic appeal. Even calling her Dara-phetamine is also not a bad thing in my opinion

        same here Mathel, almost the same pattern such as you. I lived in the US, I TRY TO FOLLOW the flow of waching pinoy comedies. Then I got familiar with Sandara but I DONT CARE much about her really. Only lately that her success and those beautiful life stories caught FIRE in my heart thats why it made me a daranatic overnight 😀

        You know less than 2 months i decided to honor her thru videos because i may not have a chance. i love her and she made me happy in a magical way. i hope you did too. This humble girl truly deserve our love

  6. i wonder where did they found the picture of dara exercising? because i can’t believe that big bang is just sleeping there. isn’t it photoshopped?

    • hello =) i think she shared that in her PEX thread years ago, not really that sure. but the pic’s been around for a long time now way before her 2ne1 debut so i think it’s not photoshopped =D

    • yes,that was around 2007. im not sure if bigbang was already big artist that time, anyway during that time, dara has the same gym class sked with ………….

  7. sandara is not aging. envy!!!! oh the nov. 84 babies, too bad han byul wasnt there at their side. heheh….

  8. She looks like she was only 15 years old in all those pictures. Fresh beautiful Dara…

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