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More 2NE1 pictures after the cut.

Credits: CeCi +

Credits: Bestiz.netCeCi‘s Me2day (for 2NE1 front page photo; reposted by sjaikb@soompi)

Comments on: "Photos: [Updated!] Dara in CeCi Magazine feat. 2NE1" (20)


  2. wow! she looks really pretty:)
    i love her on the third picture.i love what she wears:)

  3. DARA is GORGEOUS. a true GODDESS ❤

  4. OH wow! that picture (you guys know what i’m talking about!)! She’s totally a goddess. So pretty! So pretty!!!

  5. A GODDESS WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT IS “DARA PARK” i think someone will replace Aphrodite’s position!!!!!!!! if that happens, i will read more about GREEK METHODOLOGY!!!!!

  6. omoo!!!!!!!!! dara is really pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% goddess!!!!!!!!!

  7. foxychick said:

    i love 2ne1 but im biased of dara…in every photoshot they made only that totally attracts my attention..every angle of her is perfect with capital P!! i also like bom and minjy but my least is cl..,i dont but for my own opinion is that i think cl is totally trying to hard on her self in every photoshot they specially with jeremy scott..she totally always wants to progect a bad ass female…well some are ok but these photos with them like their dress in male like clothes are to trying hard…its ok to act in front of the camera but she doing it to much unlike the three the pose but in natural and beauty way not over done..i know some of u like sorry but its just how i she it..just my opinion…peace!!

  8. Xinylove22 said:

    The girls look good here. I love it. The Park sisters look all dolled up and the maknaes look fierce as well.

  9. she looks like a real model!!

  10. Bommie!!! Haha i love bommie’s expressions, keep it up girl!

    Im actually running out of words to describe Dara.. im tired of saying gorgeous, pretty, cute, beautiful, lovely, sexy all the time.. >.<

    *im thinking im thinking…

    Lovely! ……oh wait, i said that already! hahaha 🙂

    Well, i'll go with 'charming' this time.

  11. Waa!! Feminine Darong is <333!!!
    especially love her with the pink ribbon!
    wish to see another pic and different pose with that hair
    soo girly! ^^
    she looks soo pretty in it!
    her pic with those jeans going for the boyish charm is soo good!
    Gorgeous D in the house!
    baby Minji is looking really cute these days~
    love that kid~ ^^

  12. love everything about dara 🙂

  13. She is simply gorgeous without even trying…

    Love, love, love her very much!!!

    Love Minji and Bom too in this Ceci photoshoot.

  14. Dara with that pink ribbon is so cute and girly! I love it! I swear she’s getting prettier every second!
    2ne1 girls are very good models.

  15. look at dara at the third pic! sooo feminine…like those on kdramas hahaha…

  16. dara’s looking very girly

  17. cover girls…. 🙂

  18. cringkai said:

    waaaah.. CeCi magz Cover is 2ne1..
    2ne1 ♥♥♥!!! a go go go!!!

  19. Wow!
    They all look beautiful!
    Especially Dara! Her hair, makeup, and outfit is just perfect!

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