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Random Info: Can You Believe These Artists Are Turning 30 This Year?

Can you believe these gorgeous people would turn 30 this year?! Remember, this is Korean age. They’re actuall 29 years old, but 30 in Korea.  ^^

“Welcoming this year with artists that will turn 30?” Who the ’84 line artists are


Top row: Shin Min Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, Dara, Han Ji Hye, Ji Hyun Woo
Second row: Lee Je Hoon, Se7en, Park Han Byul, Jang Shin Young, Lee Young Ah
Bottom row: Nam Sang Mi, Park Bom, Soo Yi Hyun, Jung Yumi, Lee Da Hae

This article is about stars that will turn 30 this year. They are the ’84 liners. The article lists the following stars that will turn 30 this year:

Actresses – Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Hye, Jung Yumi, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yoonji, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Young Ah, Jang Shin Young, Gong Hyun Joo, Lee Cheong Ah.

Actors – Lee Je Hoon, Ji Hyun Woo, Lee Wan, Jeon Tae Soo, Yeon Woo Jin.

Singers2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom, Super Junior Yesung and Kangin, Seven, Seo In Young, Ali, Simon D, Na Young Won.

The artists on the picture don’t include everyone on the list. Keke.. Those on the picture but not on the list are Yoon Eun Hye, Park Han Byul, and Soo Yi Hyun…

Comments from netizens:Sandara Park, Shin Min-Ah I cannot believe these ladies are already thirty,” “Yesung, Sandara Park, Park Bom… Idols that are still pretty even though they’re thirty years old,” “Their image is different from their age, some of their images don’t match with their actual age,” “A lot of my favorite artists are ’84 liners (lol this so much),” “Everyone at the top row ages backwards.



Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Various Nikon Event Posters Featuring YG Family!

2NE1 for Coolpix Event, Sending Warmth For The Sweet Winter! ^^

Park Sisters for Nikon S80!

Check out Dara’s Nikon 1 event poster, Big Bang’s Nikon E Shop Nikkor Event Christmas Package poster, and Se7en and Goo Hye Sun for Nikon event poster at the slideshow! ^_^

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News: Sandara Park close to ‘Boys over Flowers’ star Ku Hye Sun

This news article was from Manila Bulletin online.

original article can be found here:

thanks to julicar23 for the tip.

Photos: [Screencaps Part 2] Dara @ KBS Win Win

[Screencaps Part 1] Dara @ KBS Win Win

Source: 2NE1 Official Cafe (as stated in Baidu) + Baidu Sandara Bar

♪ Beautiful girls all over the world…
They got nothing on you baby
Nothing on you baby ♫

Such a beautiful girl… Dara is love love love <333

More lovely caps after the cut. 🙂


News: Sandara Park reveals photo taken with close friend Goo HyeSun 6 years ago

2NE1 Sandara Park reveals photo taken with close friend of same age Goo HyeSun taken 6 years ago.

Sandara Park did a special appearance on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 8th June when she talked about her 6-year friendship with Goo HyeSun.

Sandara Park said, “When I first came to Korea 6 years ago when I was 20 years old, she had taken good care of me as a friend of same age. I came to Korea for a while during my promotions in the Philippines, and Goo HyeSun had brought me out to places like theme parks to play despite the fact that she was famous. She also guides me a lot.”

Following that, Sandara Park revealed a photo taken with Goo HyeSun 6 years ago, “My image back then was of mischievous kid. And Goo HyeSun was like a princess.”

Sandara Park also revealed, “When Goo HyeSun was starring in Boys Over Flowers, I had wanted to ask her to introduce me to the others, but being introvert, I couldn’t. The others are all so cool..” rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

And about what 2NE1 is doing lately, Sandara Park said, “We have been practising and taking vocal and choreography lessons, and are healthy.”


Credit: KBites

News: [060810] 2NE1 Sandara Park promotes KBS WinWin on me2day

2NE1 Sandara Park encourages people to watch KBS 2TV WinWin.

Sandara Park posted a new photo on her me2day on 8th June, “DoDoong!!! Good morning!^.^ Tonight everyone shall be *dakbonsa of WinWin!!!Ke”. Recently Sandara Park has appeared as special guest on the show by invitation from Goo HyeSu.

She added, “Broadcast…variety..talkshow..HD..ㅠ I was so nervous but I worked hard! My appearance after ‘xOuting’, ‘Danx’ and ‘Strong xeart’! And as to whether I will be edited out this time? Ke.. HyeSun WinWin go go go~!!!”

Meanwhile, on WinWin, Sandara Park reveals her friendship with Goo HyeSun since she was 20 years old. She also revealed the email she exchanged with Goo HyeSun when she left the Philippines and came to Korea.

The show will air on 8th June at 11.05pm.

S: Newsen

*DakBonSa: Used to describe someone who religiously follow a variety show/drama every episode

Credit: KBites

News: Sandara says, “Unlike my somber personality, Goo Hye Sun is like a ray of sunlight”

Translator’s Notes: (I will pretty much summarize.)

At WinWin, Sandara Park was asked about GHS’ real personality. Sandara response: <unlike my somber personality, GHS is like a ray of sunlight and shiny.>

Then MC Choi Hwa Jung asked why Sandara is somber? Dara’s response: I may appear flighty on TV, but, actually, I don’t speak much and am very serious person.

While HS was filming BOF, she confessed that she wanted to ask HS about introducing her to certain someone but she was too timid.

At this time. Goo Hye Sun said that all F4 members really like Sandara and told her to ‘just wait’. Then Sandara told GHS to ‘keep it a secret from President Yang’.

Sandara and Goo Hye Sun have now known each other for 6 years. When Dara was in Phillippines, they still communicated through email and Dara showed some of the emails.

Goo Hye Sun also said in the show that, if she had a bf, she will treat him as if he is her son.


Translated by: susAmerica@Goo Hye Sun’s Soompi Thread


The whole article is from Goo Hye Sun’s Soompi Thread. 🙂 Much love and thanks to SUNNIES@soompi (Goo Hye Sun’s fans), to minjee@soompi and susAmerica@soompi 🙂


Lovelovelove sweet and humble Dara <333 Hye Sun and Dara are two lovely people and I feel so happy seeing those two together on TV… I hope they get to do a project together in the future 🙂

News: [060810] Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park are good friends?

The main guest star on today’s KBS 2TV Win Win was Boys Over Flowers star Goo Hye Sun2NE1’s Sandara Park also made a special appearance on the show and she revealed that she’s good friends with Goo Hye Sun.

Goo Hye Sun is under the same label, YG Entertainment and Sandara revealed that Goo Hye Sun quickly befriended her around 6 years ago. Sandara also read an email in which Goo Hye Sun wrote to Sandara while she was in the Philippines saying to be healthy and return quickly. As 2NE1 is currently inactive due to promotions, Sandara stated that she was happy that she was able to appear on TV after a long time because of Goo Hye Sun. Sandara Park also revealed that she wants to meet the F4 from Boys Over Flowers. If you can recall, Sandara Park already met Lee Min Ho through the Cass Beer promotions.


Me2day: Goddess D Cheers for Goo Hye Sun

두둥!!!굿모닝!^.^ 오늘밤 에브리바디 승승장구 닥본사!!!ㅋ공중파…예능..토크쇼..HD..ㅠ굉장히 떨렸는데 열심히했어용!x떳,단x,강x장 이후로 첫출연!꽈~연..이번엔편집안당했을지?ㅋ구혜선 승승장구 고고고~!!!

Ding dong!!! Good morning!^.^ Everybody must watch Win Win live tonight!!!ke TV…entertainment…talk show..HD..ㅠ I was so nervous but I worked very hard! My first time appearing after doing F.*, Dan**, St**g H**rt! Will~I..end up not being edited out this time?ke Goo Hyesun Win Win go go go~!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translations by Gee @

Video: Dara on Next Week’s Win Win With Hye Sun

Credit: ohdara2