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Photos: 2NE1 for Nikon Imaging Korea

I guess the girls are now endorsing Nikon’s Coolpix P330 camera as seen in 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” Music Video!




Source: Nikon Imaging Korea Blog

Video: Comfy, Fun 2NE1’s Campaign Shooting for Nikon Coolpix

Like I’ve always mentioned in the past, I love relaxed 2NE1! I love their concept in the shoot, how it’s all homely-ish and all comfortable..^^ And the girls look so so so pretty.. T_T Screencaps coming up!

2NE1 Shooting for Nikon Coolpix Campaign Ad


Source: nikonimagingkorea

Video: Cute, Enthusiastic 2NE1 Introduces Nikon’s Coolpix 4 Cameras

Wah, I miss my 2NE1! And I find it amusing how the girls introduce their cameras… ^^ I miss their talking voices.. T_T And they look gorgeous in this shoot.. T_T

2NE1 Introduces Coolpix 4 (L610, S01, S6400, S800c)

Credits: nikonimagingkorea

Photos: Gorgeous 2NE1 for Nikon in Vogue Korea Magazine

Our Dara looks all sorts of adorable and beautiful in this Nikon photo for Vogue Korea! She looks stunning! Her eyes speak volumes! Its like her gaze pierces through the magazine and desktop straight to you! ^_^ Goddess Perfection!

Click the link below to see photos of the other girls!


Photo: Beautiful 2NE1 For New Coolpix 2012

Pretty 2NE1 is pretty! ❤ More, more, more of this photoshoot please! ^^


Source: Nikon Imaging Korea

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Super Cute Dara for Nikon Coolpix

Thanks @sjaikb!

Photos: Pretty 2NE1 For Nikon Ads

Pretty, pretty ladies! ^^ But yes, Nikon needs to release them new pictures of 2NE1, like right now! XDDD

Photos: 2NE1 For Nikon Coolpix New S Series

I miss the girls so much! TT_____TT And I am loving how casual and relaxed they are in the pics! Can’t wait to see more! ❤

And because I miss the girls SFM, I made this edit with all of them together! XDDD

Photo/Screencap: Dara for Nikon Coolpix P310

So pretty! ^^ Nikon, 11st and Etude spoil us Dara fans so much! Thank you!

Credit: @sjaikb

Photos: Various Nikon Event Posters Featuring YG Family!

2NE1 for Coolpix Event, Sending Warmth For The Sweet Winter! ^^

Park Sisters for Nikon S80!

Check out Dara’s Nikon 1 event poster, Big Bang’s Nikon E Shop Nikkor Event Christmas Package poster, and Se7en and Goo Hye Sun for Nikon event poster at the slideshow! ^_^

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Credits: Nikon Imaging Korea (