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Info/Cap: So Cool’s Lead Vocalist, Joke, is a Fanboy of Dara

Oooh! Another fanboy added to Dara’s long list! Keke ^^

So Cool is a Thai rock band, and Joke is their lead vocalist. He says he likes 2NE1, Big Bang, and 4 minute, and that his bias in 2NE1 is Dara! ^_^ He also said that he wanted to name his daughter ‘Dara’, but named her ‘Yujin’ instead. 🙂


Credits: @jokesocool + @onewayz

Twitter: BoM’s Sechang Is ‘Really Jealous’ Of @makejenny’s Pic With Dara

Weee! LMAO! This is so cute! Another fanboy? ^_^ Maeng Sechang is the leader of idol group BoM or B.O.M, which stands for “Blooming of Our Music.” They debuted late last year. ^^ Sechang is also an actor, recently, he appeared in “K-POP – The Ultimate Audition.”

I won’t post @makejenny’s tweet trans here, you can read it at this post , kekeke, but I will post some info about B.O.M or BoM’s Sechang (the new fanboy) after the cut! ^^

Trans: @crazyboy_91: @makejenny Hyung, I’m jealous …… Really ㅜㅜㅜ


Source: @crazyboy_91 and @makejenny on Twitter

Re-uploaded and Translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Some photos and info on BoM’s Sechang after the cut. .^^


Video: Park Ki Woong Mentions 2NE1’s “I Am The Best” in Full House 2

If you guys remember, Park Ki Woong is Dara’s fanboy! He mentioned Dara being his ideal girl twice already. I believe he was the one who said that he really liked Dara’s head shape! ^_^

Source: @ Cherry84Addict

Video: INFINITE’s Sungyeol Mentions Dara on MBLAQ’s Idol Manager

On the 8th episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Manager, INFINITE’s Sungyeol mentioned Dara  (⌒▽⌒)

The MC asked the members of INFINITE if they had a little sister, who among MBLAQ boys would they chose to introduce her to!

Cheondung was chosen the most, and when asked why by the MC, Sungyeol responded “Cheondung Hyung seems nice and his Noona is pretty too..” 


MC: If you have a younger sister, who would you like to introduce to her?

*Infinite members put the stickers up*

MC: Thunder got the most votes, why?

Sungyeol: Thunder hyung seems nice, his noona (older sister) is pretty too.. so.. hehehe..


Audio/Translation: Park Hyo Shin’s Ideal Girl is Sandara Park

Another celebrity has fallen for Dara’s beauty and charm! Park Hyo Shin is one of South Korea’s most famous singers. Because of his deep, husky voice he has been hailed as one of Korea’s greatest singers. This interview was during Sung Shikyung’s Radio. 

Check out the translation and some of his videos after the cut!


Feature: Dara’s Cutie Celebrity Fanboys from Indonesia and Malaysia

I guess with Dara opening twitter, we get to see more and more fanboys from different countries tweeting her or about her. ^_^ Ryan Edwin (@RyanMotion15) is a member of boy group MOTION from Indonesia. On the other hand, Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri) is a Malaysian singer, presenter and actor.

Are there more celebrity fanboys from your country? ^_^

Twitter: Aziatix’s Flowsik (@flowsik) – “Let me gather my courage…”

Cute Dara fanboy Flowsik strikes again!!! If you have been living in a rock and don’t know who he is, he is a member of group Aziatix and a huge huge huge Dara fanboy. He has declared his admiration for Dara over and over again. How cute is he trying to gather up his courage to tweet her? I hope Dara sees his mention, follows, and replies to him.

Source: @flowsik

Video: Rapper Swings Mentions Dara in His Latest Song

Dara is a rapper’s muse. Like really. Another one bites the dust. Kekeke! ^^

If you can remember, Dara was also mentioned by hop hop duo, Double Trouble last year in their song that featured Swings. So this time, rapper Swings himself, has mentioned Dara in one of this songs from his album, Punchline King III.

Swings (스윙스) – 건방진 새끼 [ Punchline King III ]


Twitter/Cap: Cha Cha Malone from AOM is a Blackjack and is Attracted to Dara and Bom

Cha Cha Malone is a member of AOM in which Jay Park is also a member! ^_^ I believe he attended “New Evolution” Concert in Seoul together with Jay Park.

Source: @ChaChaAOM