I guess with Dara opening twitter, we get to see more and more fanboys from different countries tweeting her or about her. ^_^ Ryan Edwin (@RyanMotion15) is a member of boy group MOTION from Indonesia. On the other hand, Gadaffi Ismail Sabri (@dafiismailsabri) is a Malaysian singer, presenter and actor.

Are there more celebrity fanboys from your country? ^_^

Comments on: "Feature: Dara’s Cutie Celebrity Fanboys from Indonesia and Malaysia" (14)

  1. what’s really sandara has that so many loves her all over the world wether they are old, young,male, female? Because every body see her thro,inner and outer beauty,no artificiallity,the way she struggle in life 2 pursue her dreams,loving her mom,siblings and loyalty 2 people she meet,very down 2 earth as proving by many famous or non celebrities’love u baby girl keep healthy always 2 give more joys to many.

  2. i saw an article in ygladies about recent tweets of this gadaffi guy, some cute pictures, and his reaction bout the cancelled new econ in malaysia..

  3. Dafi is foever cute 🙂 he’s a celebrity in malaysia but he’s also active in indonesia. I knew he’s a Bigbang fanboy but i don’t expect him to be a BJ as well. Yippie! He’s going to BB’s Alive Tour in indonesia and hopefully he’ll get to see our girls in the NE tour too. Just a quick note, Dafi’s father is the Minister of Domestic Trade, Co-operarives and Consumerism, Malaysia.

  4. is it common to have a male celebrity fanboying over a female celebrity to the point of confessing and reaching out to the girl in public just like kevin, flowsik, park tae wang had been doing? Or Dara is simply irresistable and admirable that boys cant help it? i’m a fanboy and admire dara but i’m quite mystified and curious how these guys see dara. is it her face alone? her charm? what? are those enough to make them confess their admiration? can anybody answer this

  5. Haha Dara’s fanboys!!!! the list is endless

  6. I hope there’s a list of the fanboys that follow her…if that’s even possible hehehe…or atleast all the celebrities that follow her…ahahaha…

  7. fanboy alert!!!! ^_^

  8. Dragonfly87 said:

    MORE FANBOYS~~~PLEASE!!! I’d love to see them lining up on twitter.

    And IF Dara were dating, I’d like to see a jealous BF tweeting her. ^^,

    Aaah… I wish she found the right guy for her and is happy. She seems to be glowing since ILY promotions started. 😉

  9. The list of fanboys continues…haha!!! Cute!!!

  10. wow! they’re cute… @krungy21 @WeLoveDara @RyanMotion15 @dafiismailsabri

  11. yay!!! add kevin, the annoying co-host of danny on mnet america LOL eventhough he is so annoying as hell but he was very attentive to dara.. he even asked the inhaler thing. then she said dara’s a hottie 🙂 well.. he’s slightly forgiven lol

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