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Video: INFINITE’s Sungyeol Mentions Dara on MBLAQ’s Idol Manager

On the 8th episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Manager, INFINITE’s Sungyeol mentioned Dara  (⌒▽⌒)

The MC asked the members of INFINITE if they had a little sister, who among MBLAQ boys would they chose to introduce her to!

Cheondung was chosen the most, and when asked why by the MC, Sungyeol responded “Cheondung Hyung seems nice and his Noona is pretty too..” 


MC: If you have a younger sister, who would you like to introduce to her?

*Infinite members put the stickers up*

MC: Thunder got the most votes, why?

Sungyeol: Thunder hyung seems nice, his noona (older sister) is pretty too.. so.. hehehe..


Video: Eng Subs for MBLAQ Idol Manager Episode 6 – Thunder Buys His Dara Noona Socks

The socks buying part starts at 04:59. It’s cute how Thunder immediately took Dara’s socks and said “I’m going to buy these. My noona…” ^_______^

{SINAQ} 120921 MBLAQ Idol Manager EP 6 (4/4)


You can watch the rest of the episode in Sinaq’s channel. ^^

News: Sandara Park Shows Her Infinite Love for Brother, Thunder, “Noona is Sorry for the Scary Hairstyle”

Sandara Park Shows Her Infinite Love For Brother, Thunder, “Noona Is Sorry For The Scary Hairstyle”

Singer Sandara Park’s handwritten letter for her younger brother, Thunder, was revealed to the public.

On the broadcast of cable channel MBC Every1‘s show, “Idol Manager” on the 28th, the episode would show more stories of the healing workshop, which started in the previous episode.

On the show, MBLAQ plays the “I’m really like this” game, with the intention of getting to know each other better. At that time, they were reading letters from their parents; Thunder, not only received a letter from his mother, but also from his older sister, Sandara Park, which drew envy from the rest of the members.

In her letter, Sandara Park said, “I’m really happy with the person you’ve grown up to be, our baby maknae Doongie who grew up to be so handsome. Although I’m your pretty noona, I want to say sorry for my scary hairstyle,” which brought about laughter at the filming site.

For the promotions of 2NE1‘s new song, “I Love You,” Sandara Park had shaved half of her head for a bansak hairstyle. Her image had changed into a stronger one, compared to her innocent apple-hairstyle.

Also, aside from the heart-warming letter, Sandara Park included some pocket money in the letter, showing her warm thoughts and always concerned heart for her younger brother, Thunder.

On the other hand, the broadcast would also show the touching contents of letters that were written by the parents of Seungho, G.O, and Mir. “Idol Manager” can be seen on the 28th, at 6:00 in the evening.


Sources: Nate 1 and 2
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara