On the 8th episode of MBLAQ’s Idol Manager, INFINITE’s Sungyeol mentioned Dara  (⌒▽⌒)

The MC asked the members of INFINITE if they had a little sister, who among MBLAQ boys would they chose to introduce her to!

Cheondung was chosen the most, and when asked why by the MC, Sungyeol responded “Cheondung Hyung seems nice and his Noona is pretty too..” 


MC: If you have a younger sister, who would you like to introduce to her?

*Infinite members put the stickers up*

MC: Thunder got the most votes, why?

Sungyeol: Thunder hyung seems nice, his noona (older sister) is pretty too.. so.. hehehe..


Comments on: "Video: INFINITE’s Sungyeol Mentions Dara on MBLAQ’s Idol Manager" (6)

  1. wasnt seungyeol and dongwoo the one who sang 2ne1’s lonely at a radio station(sukira)? hehe…saw a video of it on all about 2ne1…nyways..i bet theyre blackjacks…hehehe..

  2. So straight Sungyeol.. just say u want to close with dara kekekeke

  3. waahahha..make it straight to the point..

  4. 21VIPinspirit said:

    OMG!!! Sungyeol I love u!!!!

  5. Ehem! someone”s trying to impress him lol

    Oh! I love infinite too 🙂

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