2NE1’s New Releases Re-Scheduled for November

2NE1 and Big Bang’s Taeyang are set to come out with new singles this November.

On the 5th, Yang Hyun Suk, the president of YG Entertainment, which is one of the top entertainment agencies in Korea, told Star News about their plans to release new materials for girl group 2NE1 and Taeyang.

On this day, Yang Hyun Suk revealed to Star News that, “2NE1 was originally set to come out with a new album on October, but because of their world tour, the possibility that they would make their new release on November instead, is more likely to happen.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “2NE1 is scheduled to have their recording this month,” he said, “You will probably hear 2NE1’s stylish and unique new songs in November.”

2NE1’s new album is already highly expected, with the public putting much attention to it, ever since the release of their single, “I Love You” last July, which dominated various music charts.

Credits: http://news.nate.com/view/20121005n22391
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

T/N: Not really clear if they are going to release a new single, new singles, or a new album on November. We would just have to wait and see.

2NE1 and Taeyang to Release New Songs in November

It seems Big Bang‘s Taeyang and the girls of 2NE1 will be returning to the music scene in November!

According to information revealed to ‘Star News’ by YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk, Taeyang and 2NE1 are both set to release new projects next month.

“Although 2NE1 was originally scheduled to release a new album in October, due to their world tour, it is most likely at the moment that they will be releasing new material in November instead,” Yang Hyun Suk stated. “For the time being, we have scheduled for 2NE1 to record this month… You’ll be able to meet new songs overflowing with 2NE1′s unique style this coming November.”

On Taeyang’s solo comeback, he commented, “For Taeyang’s case, he was originally going to to release a solo album this past summer with G-Dragon and start promotions… He worked with American producers and had completed the new album. However, he, as well as I, were both not completely satisfied and thus decided not to release it at the time.”

“Taeyang is currently reworking on the solo album and may be able to release a new song as a single first in November… I’m a fan of Taeyang myself, so I am highly anticipating the stage for his new solo song,” he said, and wrapped up by adding, “In October, YG’s Epik High as well as Lee Hi (Lee Ha Yi) will also reveal new songs… As we’re also expecting 2NE1 and Taeyang promotions on top of all that, we are already looking forward to enjoying the end of the year with fans.”

Source: Allkpop

Comments on: "News: 2NE1’s New Releases Re-Scheduled for November" (24)

  1. Blame it all on Psy’s world wide hit ‘Gangnam Style”. Because of it, everything had been screwed up. lol. Just kidding. Seriously guys, even if it’s just a single and not an album, it’s alright. It’s not like we don’t see them often in their fancams of their concerts and events do we? I trust YG… even if it’s the BIGGEST AND THE MOST INCOMPETENT TROLL i’ve ever seen, i still trust YG. Yeah. I’m that much of a stan. Lol. XD

  2. im getting tired of the s*** talking towards yg until u build a company by yourself from the ground up then u need to stfu and stfd if u dont like the way he is running his business(which he has been doing longer than u have been alive) nobody is asking you to keep supporting his company if 2ne1 teddy lydia or big bang start complaining about the way yg is doing HIS business i see your point since they are not complaining but you are ( 2 face impatient fans) the ones complaining then how about u take your ass somewhere else then no one is forcing u to like his artist or buy his artist’s products fake ass fans like u all are not needed

    • I don’t know what it is you know about YG Entertainment, but this has been going on non-stop. Not just for 2NE1, but for almost every artist they represent they change dates last minute and have excuse after excuse after excuse. You are not a fake fan when you criticize the entertainment bureau that is representing the artist. Nobody here is blaming 2NE1 for this – they are just as much tied to the planning that is made for them – they are blaming the people that schedule everything. You never see things like this with JYP or SM Entertainment or a bunch of the smaller companies, they promise things and deliver them when they said they would.

      • I have been following YGE artist for years i am a hip hop and R&B lover im not new to YG’s trolling NEW fans are the impatient ones REAL fans are use to yg doing that thats why he has the title king of all trolls so what do you expect?? since u have a problem with it why dont YOU do something about it. criticizing is not what the people here are doing what i see is a bunch of complaining and whining and no where in my comment did i say anything about 2ne1 is to blame now did i maybe u need to read it again. “You never see things like this at SM” are u retarded ROFLMAO!!!! SM artist are sooo overworked to the point they pass out on stage have u EVER seen any YG artist worked like that SO PLEASE with “SM promise things and deliver” crap..

  3. aaah…delay again for 2NE1? >.< I`ll be a good blackjack and waiting patiently for 1 month again..sigh..I already excited for this month T^T..but well FIGHTING 2NE1 & TAEYANG!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ can`t wait to see your works ^^

  4. maybe their delaying it, for the upcoming girl group.. i dont know!.. but whenever it is, I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT 2NE1.

  5. Angelique said:

    Am I the only one that is getting absolutely sick of these delays?

    In articles from before (when they moved the date to October) they said they had already finished the album and were just making it “the best quality possible for the fans” and now YG is saying in this article they will record this month?

    I’m sorry, I love 2NE1 and I will support them no matter what, but the world tour was just a stupid idea. If they had just had their comeback when it was planned, they would have had time to promote their songs and do performances and such and they would have new songs to perform for the world tour, which they should have moved to next year.

    Planning at YG Entertainment has been bugging me non-stop for a long time and at this point I feel like YG should just keep his mouth shut until he knows hundred percent sure what will happen and not promise fans development again and again and never following up on that.

    • well do you want them to be so so so sick that they can’t even sing live on the stage when they make their comeback?!! NO! I would want them to be lively, energetic and so on when they make their comeback..

      • Angelique said:

        Do you even read a word of what I typed? Of course I do not want them to overwork themselves, that is why I said that the world tour should have been delayed to next year – so they had all the time to promote the new album and songs. Do not reply if you don’t read.

        • Well do you know why 2NE1 have to make their World Tour at the same time with BIGBANG???
          and I think YG didn’t even promise that he will release an album of 2ne1 this month. Just an expected month but with no confirmation or whatsoever.

          • Just reading this threat and had to comment, they did promise the album in October.

            “Thus, after an emergency meeting, YG Entertainment has announced that they will be scrapping the plans for the new single coming up, and will instead be focusing on a new album release in October.”

            YG Entertainment released that statement themselves.

    • You are definitely not the only one. I don’t know what is up with YGE these days… well, actually, they just have too many balls up in the air right now. From having only 2 big active artists (2ne1 and Bigbang) and Se7en and Gummy, they now have PSY, the new girl group, plus the new artists from that singing contest, Epik High, GD’s solo, TY’s solo, etc. You have to admit that they didn’t plan it very well. Instead of pacing every artist for the whole year, they’re going to cram everything in before the year ends, which is just three months! I know there are a lot of factors that influenced the situation (like, probably, availability of composers, concert venues, etc.) so there’s nothing we can do but trust that they do better next time. I mean, as a company, they should learn from what happened and they did do that with the 2nd New Evo concert in the US when thing were improved after the critique. So, yeah, it really sucks that everything is delayed again but let’s just hope that they’re fixing whatever is broken (which is their calendar, or clock. LOL I’m just joking).

      • Angelique said:

        Exactly! I just think that YG would be better off not promising any releases or announcing any dates until he is absolutely sure that nothing can stand in the way. He just always does this for everything and that just bugs me. If it only happened once, you won’t hear me – but people who have been familiar with YG Entertainment know that this is just one of the many many other promises he broke. I mean, for one of the big three entertainment companies in SK, he has the worst planning – even SM Entertainment (who have a lot more active artists) does a better job at managing.

        Just as you say, they need to buy a new calendar or change the batteries in that clock because this just ain’t working! LOL!

  6. bam ratatata said:

    Just a new single? not new album?

  7. I already expected this, YG was trolling the dates of comeback..lol
    but anyway it was a good thing for 2ne1 since this month was their busy sched. for a overseas performance.

  8. rainieshow said:

    I am freaking disappointed to YG. Ughhhh! If its not for 2NE1, I will never support him again! Such a troll. He has a lot of excuses! I thought their album is already set up. He has a lot of excuses when in fact he was busy for himself! If he moved their comeback again, I will definitely leave Kpop forever! Ha ha!!! Aish!

  9. i don’t like word PROBABLY in the same sentence with 2ne1 … YG you better make it..

  10. another month -.-

    But yeah, whatever! 2NE1’s worth the wait & Taeyang.. just make sure that you’ll focus on them this time. If this November comeback is not gonna happen.. again! becoz they’ll gave way to that new gg I tell u..

    We”ve been patiently waiting!

  11. yay!! thx for the news cant wait but i hate akp

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