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Instagram: Sweet Spring Maiden Sandara Park Issues a #SandaraChallenge to Joke and DJ Chow Chow ~ “I will Decide if I will Go to Thailand to See You!”

Okay, so Dara IS really going to Thailand on the 24th! I am not exactly clear on the concept since the posts are in Thai (and I don’t speak it OTL), but it seems the event for the product launching she’s going to involves both Joke and DJ Chow Chow.. XD They’re split into #TeamChowChow and #TeamJoke and I think you have to side with one team or the other in some event. TT I’m sorry it seems so vague, I’m confused myself too kekeke! ^^ 


Show me your best couple photo, then I will decide if I will go to Thailand to see you~!!!#sandarachallenge @brajaojoke@djchowchow


Sources: daraxxi + @brajaojoke@djchowchow

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Thai posts translated by: @BlackjackTH

Check out Joke’s and Chow Chow’s responses below!


Info/Cap: So Cool’s Lead Vocalist, Joke, is a Fanboy of Dara

Oooh! Another fanboy added to Dara’s long list! Keke ^^

So Cool is a Thai rock band, and Joke is their lead vocalist. He says he likes 2NE1, Big Bang, and 4 minute, and that his bias in 2NE1 is Dara! ^_^ He also said that he wanted to name his daughter ‘Dara’, but named her ‘Yujin’ instead. 🙂


Credits: @jokesocool + @onewayz