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Instagram: Guitarist Won DDoll Shares a Picture with “Pretty Sandara Park Noona” Before “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

His Instagram profile says that he is a guitarist, so I’m guessing he’s the guitarist that Dara and Seungyoon performed with in “Good To You”.. ^_^ 


Taken today. Before the show…🎶 With noona… Too… Pretty.. ㅋㅋ After not eating and not sleeping, my face yesterday is…. Too swollen… Drama  



Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Instagram: Happy Dara is Grateful to Everyone who Gave their Precious Time for WBU Mini Concert~ “A New Beginning”

Awww, here’s to wonderful endings and bright, awesome, new beginnings! ❤


There’s always a sense of regret when something ends, but the fact remains that because it is already finished, then a new beginning can start ^_^ I’m very happy today, and very grateful to everyone who gave the precious gift of their time~ 😘


Source: daraxxi

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Photos: 150817 Fantaken Pics of Cute Dara Exiting Hongdae’s Rolling Hall After the “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

Cute Dara~! She waved to the fans waiting and accepted a gift in a pink rabbit bag.. XD The fan said that she saw her gift bag and said, “Tokki!” before taking it.. ^^




More photos after cut~! ❤


Photos: 150817 Fantaken Pics of Chic, Charming Actress-Singer Dara at WBU’s “Thank You” Mini Concert Event

I love Dara’s outfit! ❤ Chic, fashionable, yet casual and comfortable.. ❤ She looks so very fresh! ^^ Great, great job actress-singer Dara! We are super proud of you! ^^ 





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Photos: 150817 Fantaken Pics of “We Broke Up” Cast at their “Thank You” Mini Concert Busking Event

Awww, our “We Broke Up” cast.. T_T We miss you! Thank you for the wonderful show yesterday! <333









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Line: Actress/Singer Dara Worries About the Weather, Blackjacks Attending the Busking Event, and “We Broke Up” Songs’ Lyrics ~

Dara-unnie, please take care of your health! ❤ And please, please, please YG! Please release the OST already.. T_T



How are you doing?! Awww, I wonder if the heat wave is over.. TT.TT Today, it started raining and there was thunder all of a sudden.. The weather has been very unpredictable.. This weather is completely dangerous!! If you turn on the aircon, the temperature suddenly changes again, and it makes me sick!!! Be careful… This summer, I’m trying hard to fight off catching colds. I have to quickly strengthen my immue system!!!

But in the meantime, this is Public Relations Director, who is working hard for Blackjacks. Haha The time for busking is near, for those who want to watch and to those who are always giving support!!! DAra power is a little bit consumed… But… It’s on Monday.. Also, there will be a lot of people who can’t come?! How sad.. Also to all Blackjacks who will attend school and work in the office on the said date, it’s a bit sad, but still, if we meet, I hope you will have a good time ^_^



Busking is on Monday (Ah.. Since we have this situation it will be only a mini meeting to watch our busking…? ^^;) I don’t know which song to sing but still do you know the lyrics of We Broke Up OST?!

You don’t know right? TT.TT Frankly you can’t even listen to all of it… sobs ~ But in this world not all things will go the way I’m hoping it to be, even it’s a bit poor situation but still it would be nice if we have a good meeting!!!

So if an unknown song comes up, people at the stage and also the audience will have a blank look but if you watch the drama there is a video of the music piece that is 1 minute and 30 seconds and I know all of you watched. That’s why … It’s familiar to you right? ^^

Right right?! If not, should I give you the lyrics?!


Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: Hannah@WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Official: “We Broke Up” Holds “Thank You” Event for Surpassing 10 Million Views ~ Busking at Hongdae Rolling Hall on the 17th


Congratulations, congratulations WBU team! ❤ FINALLY! We hear news about the busking event, yaaayyyyy~! ❤ I am really looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the 17th! ❤ I really, really wish I could go.. T_T I hope someone records the event so we international fans can watch it as well.. XD 




Congratulations to all the event winners! ❤ Official Blackjacks can apply through the fanclub.. ^^


This is the venue for the busking event! Wooowww! It’s really suited for band-type performances.. ^^ And when they said “busking” I truly thought they’d go with the most basic meaning of the term and perform on the streets! Kekeke! XD





Source: YG Family Facebook

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Photos: Dara Shares More Pictures from her “Dara Tour” with WBU Cast on her Japanese Blog ~ “Adventures of Da~Rabbit”

More pics! ❤






Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara Bulk Orders for 1st Look Magazine Featuring “We Broke Up” Cast ~ “If We Are”

Hello guys! We are doing bulk orders for 1st Look magazine.. This is open to all the fans of the main leads! ^^ Please take note of the order details, if you have questions, fire them off in the comments section below.. ^^




Admin Post: Join WeLoveDara/ OhDara’s Little “Thank You” Project for “We Broke Up” Supporters~!

In gratitude for your overwhelming support for “We Broke Up,” WLD/OD will have a small “thank you” project! Get a chance to win a Woori shirt! Here’s how:



If you have questions, comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Fighting! ❤