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Video: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Episode 1 – Shy Coral’s Story With Jonghyun

OMG OMG OMG! Dara looks so freaking young and gorgeous! AND AND AND… Her acting is  ++++! Oh come on!!! This is what Papa YG is hiding from us! Come on Papa YG! Please! Dara for a Romantic Comedy! Pretty please!!!

Sandara And SHINee For Etude Kiss Note Episode 1! With Jonghyun For Shy Coral

Desc Trans: Sandara And SHINee For Etude Kiss Note Episode 1! With Jonghyun For Shy Coral

“Sandara with SHINee Kiss Note, Episode 1” The start of coral lips’ shy story

Sandara, who accidentally picks up the Kiss Note!
If you write the name of the person you want to kiss on the Kiss Note, then the person kisses you??
While sitting in the classroom, she writes teacher Jonghyun’s name out of curiosity, and that moment after she writes the name,
Jonghyun, who suddenly stops from lecturing and approaches quickly! Shy, shy ☞☜
Etude♥ Dear My Lips-Talk Shy Coral ♥
His mind has been captured!

Watch out for Kiss Note Episode 2! To be revealed on March 3, on Etude’s YouTube channel!
Please expect our star (T/N: main character/protagonist) Dara’s exciting kisses. Coming soon – Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE!

Don’t forget, this is just the 1st Episode of Kiss Note. Dara and Key’s will be on March 3, Dara and Taemin’s will be on March 5 and Dara and Minho’s will be on March 7!

Credit etudeblog@YouTube

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: KISSES with Dara and SHINee for Etude’s “Dear My Lips Talk”


Kekeke! Just kidding! Who do you guys think has the best kiss? Dara and JongHyun? Dara and Key? Dara and Taemin? or Dara and Minho? ^^ 

Don’t forget, the CF will be released tomorrow, March 1, 2012!!!

Credit: Etude House Korea Official Facebook Page and @the2ne1hour

Photos: Etude House Releases BTS Photos of Dara and Minho for “Kiss Note”

OMG! OMG! OMG! The both of them look so adorable! I love how intense and playful Minho’s stares are while Dara looks so innocent and torn! For sure, we are already so excited for this mini-drama CF! 

More than anything, we would like to thank @etudeplay for this! For now, this is the closest that we Dara lovers are ever going to get for a Dara drama that we have been waiting and praying for so long! ^^

Credit: Etude House Korea Official Facebook Page

Photos: Dara and SHINee Promotional ADs for Etude “Kiss Note”


News: Sandara Park, SHINee Members, Share Four Different Kinds Of Kisses? “I’m Completely Jealous!”

Sandara Park, SHINee Members, Share Four Different Kinds Of Kisses? “I’m Completely Jealous!”

Sandara Park and SHINee‘s special collaboration has been garnering a lot of hot reaction!

Sandara Park and SHINee, who are both endorsers of the cosmetics brand, Etude House, have come together for the romantic, fantasy web drama, “Kiss Note,” which has become a hot topic. In the web drama teaser released recently, it was revealed that each of SHINee‘s Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Minho each had four different kinds of kissing scenes with Sandara Park.

Etude House reveals that it will endeavor to step out of the box of traditional advertising formats, and have conceptualized the web drama concept starring Sandara Park and SHInee. It has especially gained response from women who say that they have dreamed of being kissed romantically, in different ways, as was shown in the teaser.

Also, since 2NE1’s Sandara Park, and SHINee’s Minho, Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun, are all very popular idol stars both in the domestic and international scene, fans and netizens alike, have all gotten excited over the romantic kissing scenes.

Ever since Etude House’s YouTube channel uploaded the official teaser, there was an explosive reaction, as views and comments kept coming in from surprised, delighted, and jealous fans and netizens.

Those who saw the video commented with, “Although I’m jealous, they match each other more than I thought,” “It seems they’ve overcome their age gaps successfully,” “Minho and Sandara Park are going to be the main characters I think,” “I like the lipsticks,” “Sandara Park matches everyone,” “Sandara and Minho are kissing on the lips?!” showing their hot reaction.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park and SHINee‘s drama, “Kiss Note,” is set to be officially released on YouTube, on March 1.


Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photo: Pink Princess Dara For Etude Blog YouTube Background!

Pretty Pink Princess Dara is pretty! ❤

Her “omona!” face is so cute! Kekeke! I hope we get to see more group pics of her and SHINee in this photoshoot. The BTS vid showed that she took pics with the boys in this outfit. XD

Check out the whole YouTube background after the cut! ❤


GIFs/Caps: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Teaser (30 Secs)

Click the link below for more caps!


Video: Etude’s Kiss Note Shocking Teaser Starring Dara And SHINee!

Warning to fangirls and fanboys: Be prepared to die a million deaths.

I can’t process this RN. My brain died. ALSFHELSGHSLGKJSRLGKJSRPGJPhLSGV!!!

Watch for yourselves! ^^

Sandara and SHINee Kiss Notge! Etude’s Romance, Fantasy Web Drama Teaser Revealed~

Video Description: A big surprise! Write a name in the Kiss Note, and that person would be kissing you???
A 2012 hit, Etude’s romantic, fantasy webdrama!
Starring Sandara and SHINee, Kiss Note is going to be revealed on YouTube on March 1!
Wanna Be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE!


Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Did that just happen?!  OH MY GAWD, WHAT IS LIFE?! T.T

And oh, that sound you’re hearing? It’s the sound of fangirls/fanboys’ hearts breaking. XD

Photos: Adorable, Sweet Dara with SHINee Official Outtakes From Mission TV Interview!

I want to seriously cryyyy! I didn’t think I’d live to see Dara collaborating with a group outside YG! I’m so happy! And it’s with SHINee too! *flails* How adorable is Dara’s smile?! I swear, she does NOT look 27! Maybe she drank something that made her stop aging at 16? And the group pictures! Oh my ghad, they are laughing together! TT___TT So cute and fluffy!

PS: The last pic! Isn’t it too cute?! Jjong and Dara laughing like crazy. Keke! XD Dara is such a sweetheart, covering her face while laughing.. *flails some more*

Facebook Album Trans:

[Dear My Lips – Talk] <Mission TV Entertainment News> VJ Seulgi has conducted an exciting interview with the KISS NOTE cast! A consistently fun and exciting interview all throughout~
Dara’s excited light pink smile that glows ^^
And showing their delighted, yet at the same time shy expressions, SHINee with their light orange smiles 😀
Aing~ My heart is going *thud thud* just by looking at them~♥
EVeryone, how about you? ↗>,<↖

On March 1, Dara and Jonghyun’s shy coral♥
On March 3, Dara and Key’s exciting red♥
On March 5, Dara and Taemin’s fun orange♥ would be revealed to the public!


Source: Etude House Korea Facebook
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter/Photo: Etude Play Updates With Kiss Note Cast Interview And A Gorgeous New Promotional Picture!

OMG! That new promotional photo! Dara is gorgeous! ❤ And awww, she looks comfy with the SHINee boys in the pic! I am so happy!! *flails* She’s so cute! Her smile… So precious! ❤

[TRANS][TWITTER @etudeplay ] Newsflash!! Newsflash!! <Mission TV Entertainment News> VJ Seulgi’s close coverage with Kiss Note’s cast ❤ Dara and SHINee! Go go go fast to see the exciting scenes at the interview site >> *thump thump* *heartbeat heartbeat*