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Official Photos+Post Trans: 140530 DalD Finds Strength from the Third Guest of “Dara’s Cheering Army” CL ~ Plus Long-Term Friends Atmosphere with Coffee Boy, Park Byul

Waaahhh! I waited for these pics on Friday, but they uploaded it late night on Saturday, and as you might have noticed, I’m almost always MIA on weekends because I’m so busy during weekends with activities. XD Anyways, I am sooo happy that CL came out and supported Dara during her “last” radio night! Dara considered it her last because she pre-recorded her radio for the weekend already. ^^ I really believe she found strength with CL being there! ❤ DarLin love! ChaeRa ship be sailing. XD ^^ As for her other guests that night, Coffee Boy is an indie artist (he’s pretty good, I listened to some of his songs XD) while Park Byul is a member of duo group, Lalasweet. ^^ I think they’re indie artists too, since I mostly see their songs on indie lists. ^_^ 


DalD & CL / with Coffee Boy, Park Byul

The third guest that came in from DalD‘s Cheering Army!
It’s 2NE1‘s Leader!
CL dropped by at Volume Up ㅎ


Together, the two of them introduced Dara Dara Bright Dara segment,
Together, the two of them introduced the corner for Volume Family‘s problem advice corner… And then what? 🙂

Oh, because this is DalD‘s… 5th day as DJ

“No~That’s~Not~It!!! Chaerin-ah, this isn’t how it goes!
You must read their numbers or names first, then read their story~”

The knowledge on how to introduce the stories was passed on to Chaerin-yang… ㅋ



Time did not pass in a noisy and troubled manner,
But with member CL‘s hand on her shoulder to count on,
DalD became stronger and found strength at this time (A/N: because it was her last night and she became quite emotional <3)


For Part 2 of Friday’s broadcast,
DalD was joined by Coffee Boy and Lala Sweet’s Park Byul
For one week, weary Volume family was comforted by warm guests 🙂


It was just their first meeting between them, but they had the atmosphere of long-time friends
These three people who were able to have a comfortable time together 🙂



It even seems like these three good people resemble each other
What do you think? Don’t these three look like they can be brother and sisters with their likeness? ㅎ

Ah! And look at what DalD’s fans sent over
Fruits and cookies! We will eat it deliciously.
Thank you 🙂



Source: KBS Volume Up

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Official Photos+Post Trans: 140526 KBS Reveals Photos and a Cute Story About DalD’s First Night at “Volume Up” ~ “With Flower Boy Sajangnim, Ji Hyeong”

This is a post made by KBS Volume Up for their website! Their staff are surely fun and witty.. XD Can’t believe they tease their “flower boy sajangnim” like that! Kekekeke! I think he’s the “boss” of “Volume Up” ^_^


Flower Boy Gift Shop with Lee Ji Hyeong

For this week’s Volume Up special DJ!
This is 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.


Before going on live, we decided to meet her outside,
And even if the distance is 100M, you can tell who is DalD
Even with just a look.


She was wearing a headband with this on.. .ㄱ-
She made it herself… .ㄱ-

As a favor for her very first live radio broadcast, DalD was with
Flower boy sajangnim, Ji Hyeong-ssi.
To post on our hompage, a souvenir/proof shot was taken,
Our DalD..

“Yes! No, yes?! ㅇ_ㅇ!!!!! Because this is my first time…
Oh.. What should I do, what should I do? What pose should I do?”


Ji Hyeong-ssi who calmed down DalD from her panic.

“Hey, why are you being shy. Come on, let’s just take it.”

No doubt about it… Ji Hyeong-ssi.
Is completely reliable.


.. At least that’s what we thought.
Why is this person not even looking at the camera.

“I can’t look at the lens. Dara-ssi knows how to do it and isn’t shy anymore.”


We see, we see ~ We understand.
Yeah, whatever pal (LOL speaking formally, but in this tone, they’re teasing him XD)


Source: KBS Volume Up

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

HQ Photo: 140528 Glowing DJ Dara at KBS Cool FM Volume Up

Fresh looking Goddess, as always! ♥



Source: As tagged + Oh My Goddess!
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140528 Fantaken Photos of DJ Dara at KBS Cool FM Volume Up

Pretty and stylish Dara for her third night as a special DJ at KBS Cool FM Volume Up! ^_^


Credits: @littlestone_ + Oh My Goddess!
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Special DJ Sandara Park is Excited for Her Stint at “Volume Up” FM ~ “Please Share Your Messages, Stories, and Song Requests!”

WAAHHH SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Fighting Dara! We love you! We’re here to support our special DJ~! ❤


KBS Cool FM, Yoo In Na’s “Volume Up.” For one week, starting from today, Special DJ Sandara Park will be with you!!! ^.^ Please share your support messages, funny stories, and song requests a lot ~ See you all later!!!  89.1MHz  


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Videos: 140409 Cuts of Pretty Park Sisters Radio Guesting at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza

140409 Pretty Park sisters during their Radio Guesting at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza

Sandara Park + Park Bom VS Park Bom + Lee Sora

LSR: Lee Minho or Kim Soohyun
Bom: Lee Minho!!!!!!
Dara: Kim Soohyun!!!!
Bom: Ahh no LMH!!!
Dara: No Do Minjoon!!

Lee Sora and Bom seems to almost have the same answers while the Park sisters were on different sides with regards to Lee Minho (Kim Tan) and Kim Soohyun! (Do Minjoon) Kekeke! ^^

LSR: You girls are so similar~
Dara: Oh really?? oh cuz I’m 4 dimension and she (BOM) is 8-dimension ㅋㅋㅋ

Dara: Nowadays Bom is just Roommate not 2NE1..
Bom: Look at her she’s so jealous nowadays!

Click the cut for more!


Photos: 140409 OhMyGoddess HQ Fantaken Pics of Stunning, Beautiful Dara at KBS

I’m out of words on how to describe the awesome beauty that is Sandara Park! Just, wow! What a breathtaking beauty! ❤ And below is her cute tushie and sexy back even though her loose clothing wasn’t able to emphasize it, kekeke! ^^

Bkw29iJCcAA5P20 BkxHuyjCAAAsODh


Source: @ohmygoddessDARA @littlestone_

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos/Translations: 140409 Screencaps and Translations of Pretty and Funny Park Sisters at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza


Click the link below for more!


Photo: 140409 Beautiful Bom and Dara Busy Preparing Before Going Live on KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza

Park sisters were busy preparing before going live on KBS Cool FM! Dara unnie so sexy! I see legs!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Kekeke! ^^



Source: KBS Cool FM

Re-uploaded by: OhDara