140409 Pretty Park sisters during their Radio Guesting at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza

Sandara Park + Park Bom VS Park Bom + Lee Sora

LSR: Lee Minho or Kim Soohyun
Bom: Lee Minho!!!!!!
Dara: Kim Soohyun!!!!
Bom: Ahh no LMH!!!
Dara: No Do Minjoon!!

Lee Sora and Bom seems to almost have the same answers while the Park sisters were on different sides with regards to Lee Minho (Kim Tan) and Kim Soohyun! (Do Minjoon) Kekeke! ^^

LSR: You girls are so similar~
Dara: Oh really?? oh cuz I’m 4 dimension and she (BOM) is 8-dimension ㅋㅋㅋ

Dara: Nowadays Bom is just Roommate not 2NE1..
Bom: Look at her she’s so jealous nowadays!

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Bom was reading Lee Dong Wook’s (co-star in Roomates) message and it says “Dara-yang~ /stops/ DARA-yang??? Did u just say Dara-yang?? Dara visit us~”

*T/N: In Korea they put “yang” at the back of a younger girl’s name (usually a child)


Source: KBS CoolFM

Translated by: @bom_always

Comments on: "Videos: 140409 Cuts of Pretty Park Sisters Radio Guesting at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza" (3)

  1. Hahaha all this while i thought dara’s fanboys found another gorl to crush on, turns out theyre just hiding in their caves

  2. I felt so giddy on the last video.. Kyaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Dara-yang~ LOL!!! ^_^

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