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Below are some of Bom and/or Dara’s answer during their radio guesting!

Dara: I like comfortable clothes, so fans like when I dress girly for once.

Dara: We were worried before she went, but she came back after the first day and said she had a lot of fun so we’re happy and jealous.

Dara: We are going to China tomorrow.

Bom: Tomorrow???

Lee Sora: I’ve noticed that Park Bom really knows nothing

Dara: I’m a member that need more practice so I am working hard. (Our sweet and hardworking Dara unnie! <3)

Dara: We don’t have rules when we live together, but I hide when I have to change even though we are all girls. (Conservative Dara! ^^)

Bom: We don’t go into each other’s rooms

Dara: You come into my room..

Diet techniques?

Dara: I dont diet

Bom: She doesn’t she eats ( I know we all wish to be like Dara unnie hehehe!)

Dara: People think I am unhealthy so that is why I made abs. I get stressed when people say I’m too skinny.

Bom: I need someone who works hard and does what they do well

Dara: I need someone who only likes me (I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU UNNIE!!!! <3)

Dara: I liked Won Bin oppa, but recently I changed to Kang Dongwon.

Dara: I lie straight so I get made fun of for sleeping and waking up in the same position.

Lee Sora: The men on Roommate are interested in Dara. We talked about it when Bom wasn’t around.

One sided love or Directly approach?

Bom and Dara: Directly approach

Bikini or Dress?

Dara and Bom: Bikini!

Bom: I bought a pretty bikini to show off.

Kim Soohyun or Lee Minho?

Bom: Lee Minho!

Dara: Kim Soohyun! Do Minjoon!

Bom: I forgot she likes Do Minjoon, how I like Kim Tan..

Dara: Ah, Bom likes Roommate more than 2NE1 these days.. 

Dara: All the members besides me have aegyo.

Dara: I want to try performing “Good to You” because I relate to the lyrics (We wish to see you guys perform it too!!! And we want Ssancoustic as well unnie!!! ^_^)


Sources: @jjy82_stop @teaminzy @ilovegd21

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos/Translations: 140409 Screencaps and Translations of Pretty and Funny Park Sisters at KBS Cool FM Lee Sora’s Music Plaza" (9)

  1. peorredj said:

    Men?! Meaning there’s more than one! Yay! Who the other ones could be?!

  2. redstilleto said:

    “I need someone who only likes me” – NOTED

  3. love ssangpark! ohmagah! i miss 2ne1 tv even more! bommie invading dara-unnie’s room! kkk~ love ’em

  4. dara!!!!! LOL…there’s hope just open up your heart and let the men in!

  5. omg.. when will the whole video be available and with eng sub… woahhhh!!!!! Chandaraaaaaa…. :)) i hope dara really visits!!! :)) yeyyyy!!

  6. lol Talking about Dara when Bom isn’t around.

  7. Agree with desiweelovesapples!!! It got me too and i dont want to assume but i cant wait for roommate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope Dara can appear as guest on roommate!!

  9. desiweelovesapples said:

    you got me at the part that said the men on roommate are interested in Dara. oooh la la! haha

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