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Dara Fashion Find: Dara Goes Basic Red, Black, And White, Then Bursts Into Color For Fault Magazine

I wonder how many concept photos Fault took of the girls? Kekeke! I think they shot pictures of them in their own clothes before they arrived, then had them change into the black, goth-ish outfits. And then into Jeremy Scott’s colorful collection. ^^

From a fantaken-pic of when the girls arrived at the shoot, we can see a glimpse of red soles for Dara’s shoes, so I’m betting she was wearing Louboutins. ^^


Source: WeLoveDara/OhDara

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Dara Fashion Find: Dara Struts Through The Airport In Balmain, Chloe, Givenchy, and Karen Walker

A small fortune in airport clothing.. O_O Her ensemble costs around $8500 in total.. Kekeke. But Dara sure looks good in it! She rocks her look and I loved how the outfit was put together. ^^ And the price of that Kiiroitori keychain on her Givenchy bag? Priceless. Because it was given to her by fans and she uses it. ^_^


Sources: Polyvore + Net-A-Porter + Balmain + Karen Walker + Lyst

Put together by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara staff and awesome people who helped! Thanks Jigs, @miss_underztud , and everyone who gave tips!

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Dara Fashion Find: Binyeo Dara Rocks A Modified Roberto Cavalli Dress For Inkigayo Farewell Stage

Pretty Dara is pretty! I love this color on her, it brings out more of her porcelain skin.. ^_^ It took me a while to find the dress, since I was looking at Mary Katrantzou’s collection, since her last dress was from her. Surprise, surprise though because the dress is from Roberto Cavalli. T_T Kekek! They modified the dress so that it will look similar to the Mary Katrantzou dress that Dara has been wearing for the I Love You promotions. ^^ Either way, she rocks this style, and I love it! ^^


Sources: Polyvore + Naiman Marcus

Dara Fashion Find by OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Special shoutout to @2yeNE1  for helping me find the dress. ^_^

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Fashion Find: Dara Goes Edgy and Sleek with Rick Owens

In sharp contrast to Dara’s whimsical and lavish outfit from Dolce & Gabanna, we see her wear something simple and modern with Rick Owens. While this look may be considered casual by many, true to 2NE1’s form, they styled Dara in such a way that the whole look gives an edgy and sleek vibe to it. Fierce… Dara is fierce!

White cotton blend dress from Rick Owens featuring short sleeves, crew neck, belted waist, loose fit at the rear and a contrasting black skirt.

Source:; Thanks @Jigsaw_03

Dara Fashion Find: Smexy Dara Bares Her Collarbones For 2NE1 I Love You MV

Dara, Dara, sexy stylish Dara! ^_^ Her outfit is a modified one, composed of two dresses from Mary Katrantzou F/W 2011 collection! ^^ She’s wearing the skirt from one dress, and the top (which is also modified) from the other dress. ^^


Source: / WeLoveDara/ OhDara

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Dara Fashion Find: Dara’s Leopard Lips are Violent!

Love love love the lips! ^_^ The girls have been sporting this fashionable line of temporary lip tattoo appliques. Dara opted for the Leopard Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo Applique! Looks so cool right? ^_^

Source: Violent Lips

Dara’s photo edited by forever-dara@tumblr

Dara Fashion Find: Many Styles From Cavalli To Versace – Dara’s Evolutionary Teaser Image

Our edgy, brave, fearless girl is at it again! She not only rocked her hairstyle, but she also rocked the clothes and accessories she’s wearing. ^^ We weren’t able to find her belt and other choker yet (she’s wearing two), but we will update once we do. ^^

Got to say, love how they modified the Roberto Cavalli dress. I think the skirt gives her a more svelte and sleek look. Love how the accessories finished the over-all look as well. ^^


Thanks to everyone who helped us look! ^^

Sources: Polyvore, Ebay, Net-A-Porter

Dara Fashion Find: Dara Wears A Multi-Colored Keyboard And Cages Her Feet For MTV VMAJ!

Love how she wore a cropped version of the long dress by Jeremy Scott. ^^ I think it would have looked better if the long sleeves were cropped too. Kekeke! XD

Anyways, loving Dara’s cage shoes by Gareth Pugh! It’s from the designer’s new 2012 line for womenswear inspired by crazy cages. ^^


Thanks to everyone who helped us with Dara’s shoes! Thank you! ❤

Sources: Jeremy Scott, Polyvore, Shoe Lust

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Dara Fashion Find: Dara, The Queen Of Cannes, Flaunts MCQ In France!

Our Cannes queen Dara was decked out in an Alexander McQueen outfit for her jaunt out in France! I really love the dress’s fit on her, and she really looks good in the dark green color. I also love how the belt gave her outfit an edgy look. ^^

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Sources: WLD/OhDara, Lyst, Backstylers, Polyvore

Fashion Find: Dara Goes Color Crazy with Jeremy Scott

Woot! The girls are back sporting more Jeremy Scott designs! I especially like the “colored-keyboard” dress. Keke! But I hope they made the dress shorter though! I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they actually did! ^^

Oh, and I love Dara’s hair! <333