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Photos: HD/ HQ Pics of 2NE1 for “Chrome Hearts” Photoshoot in 2013

Oh wow, HD pics after so long! ❤ Missing the girls and Dara’s bansak hair.. XD

Daring Dara
2NE1 Snap

2NE1 In The City


Source: Laurie Lynn Stark

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: HD Caps of 2NE1’s Appearance on the Official Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae Launching Party Video

The video was so fast so I decided to do some caps so we can better see what the girls were doing, kekeke! ^_^ 

download 4967

download 4385

download 4932

download 5123

After their performance.. Bom, CL, and Minzy stayed together, Dara stayed a bit behind. ^^

download 5208

Andddd I wonder in what shoot Dara’s photo from this one came out in? ^_^

download 2933

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Video: 130529 Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae Party Official Video Coverage

A video coverage of the party that YG Family attended last May for Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae collaboration. This was the purpose of the “2NE1 Loves” campaign as well. ^^ Blink and you miss the 2NE1 girls in the video, kekeke! XD

Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae Party (May 29, 2013)

You can watch the Vimeo video here as well:


Source: 2NE1LovesVimeo

Photos: SStyle 7 Magazine – Chrome Hearts Story Featuring 2NE1 Loves Shinsegae Campaign

Oooohhh, Daraaaaa looks awesome! I am loving her eye make-up! Wish to see the HD pics of this magazine soon! ❤




Photos: Official, Web Photos of Fierce, Fashionable YG Family Featured in W Korea for ShinsegaexChrome Hearts Party

Web photos of the HQ scans that we uploaded the last time. ^_^ Our fierce, rocking YG Family! <333





Scans: Edgy YG Family at Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae Party Featured in W Korea

YAY! I really wanted HQ pics from this event, and here they are! ❤ HD pics as provided by a magazine, kekeke! ^^ W Korea featured YG Family while at the Chrome Hearts X Chrome Hearts. ^_^

YG Family~! 


2NE1 with Chrome Hearts owners…


Pretty Dara making climing up the stairs an artform, with her perfect smile. ^^


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Photos: HD Photos of Gorgeous Goddess Dara in Shinsegae CF Behind the Scenes

My beautiful, perfect, gorgeous goddess! Words cannot describe how beautiful she is. T_T









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Photos: HD Screencaps of Fierce 2NE1 Strutting their Stuff for Shinsegae CF Behind The Scenes

In color! WEEEE! They’re in black outfits with silver accessories, but who cares? It’s colored! ❤

170296145 04467

170296145 04448

170296145 04604

170296145 04307

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Video: 2NE1 Loves Shinsegae Behind The Scenes

The thing I most love about this video aside from the wonderful footages? It is in COLOR! Weeee! All the other vids were black and white, so I’m so happy to see them colored! ❤

2NE1 Loves Shinsegae Behind The Scenes 


Source: via Belle Fuentes

Photos: HD Screencaps of Beautiful, Entrancing Dara from “2NE1 Loves Shinsegae” Video

Dara is so so so pretty and gorgeous and perfect. T_T And look at her working this shoot and enrapturing everyone with her beautiful, expressive eyes. T_T

169573207 03700

169573207 03678

169573207 03205

169573207 03110

169573207 02824

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