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Scans: 2NE1 in Cannes for W Korea Magazine


Photo: 2NE1 in Cannes for W Korea Magazine (Preview)

The girls are looking beautiful! I love how they are rocking the Parisienne look! 

Scans: 2NE1 in French Magazine, “KPOP LIFE”

Click the link below for more scans!


Dara Fashion Find: Dara, The Queen Of Cannes, Flaunts MCQ In France!

Our Cannes queen Dara was decked out in an Alexander McQueen outfit for her jaunt out in France! I really love the dress’s fit on her, and she really looks good in the dark green color. I also love how the belt gave her outfit an edgy look. ^^

Please do not edit the picture in any way. ^^


Sources: WLD/OhDara, Lyst, Backstylers, Polyvore

Photos/Fancams: Park Sisters Wave To Fans Outside The Cannes Seminar Venue

So the girls weren’t allowed to go out to meet the fans outside the venue of the seminar, however they were still able to greet the many Blackjacks who were eagerly anticipating to see them, by waving to the fans as they passed by. Park sisters looking oh so pretty! ❤

And here’s a fancam of them zooming by the fans and waving enthusiastically. ^^

Credits:  + @MamaWowa + @GooTheo

Twitter/Photos: One Big Party with 2NE1 and French Blackjacks in Cannes, France

The girls of 2NE1 are in Cannes and it seems French Blackjacks are having the time of their lives! ^_^ There, 50 tickets were given to lucky Blackjacks who will win 2NE1 signed CD’s.  Here are some photos of Blackjacks having one big party in Cannes, France! 2NE1 will have a “showcase/stage” at 5:30PM France Time.

@Cannes_Lions: Scrambling to get a ticket to the@YG2ne1official party

@Cannes_Lions: Fan of K-Pop band @YG2ne1official wait for their idols ahead of Cheil’s seminar at 17:30 #CannesLions”

@wgsn: Check out the fans waiting for Korean band 2NE1 at ‪#CannesLions‬ – all singing their hearts out”


Photo: Dara Reporter Tweets A Gorgeous After-Rehearsal Picture In Cannes!

Can I just flail around and die OMG Dara, wae are you so pretty my bb girl! <333 Her hair OMG~! Haaaiiii! I miss you, long curly hair! <333 And her neon beanie! LOLs! Ever the daring fashionista! <333 

#2NE1ACTIVE At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! Picture from last night after rehearsal! So amazing that the sun is still up at 9pm! The festival will begin at 5:30 p.m. (Cannes time), and 2NE1 will be making presentations at the festival, representing k-pop to the rest of the world ^^ Very excited to finally get to meet our French fans, and we certainly can’t wait!!! See you soon! – Reporter Dara


Source: GlobalBlackjack on Twitter

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Reporter Dara Tweets A Gorgeous Sea View Picture From France!

Wahhhh! OMG OMG OMG Dara is tweeting! If that’s really her on Global Blackjack’s twitter, then wah! So excited! And oh, thank you for sharing a beautiful picture of your view in France, Dara! Please enjoy your stay there! ❤

#2NE1ACTIVE Gorgeous sea view from our hotel room in Cannes, France… (we) will soon post beautiful pictures of ourselves so please wait little more! From Cannes, Reporter Dara.


Source: Official Global Blackjack On Twitter

Photos: 120616 Fan-Taken Photos of 2NE1 Arriving at Nice Airport, France

Our girls are so cute! They arrived in Nice Airport, France earlier into the arms of around 30 or so French BlackJacks. They greeted their fans warmly, smiled and signed a lot of autographs! Lucky French BlackJacks. Most of the tweets said that Dara was so nice to everyone. She had a big smile ready and signed autographs. Our ever loving Ssantokki! ❤

Here are some photos of 2NE1 arriving at Nice Airport, France.


Fancams: 120616 2NE1 Arriving at Nice, France Airport

A few hours ago, our lovely girls arrived at Nice, France and was welcomed by around 30 or so BlackJacks! ^_^ The girls were extremely friendly and smiled and signed autographs for fans waiting at the airport. It seems our lovely Dara left an impression with the fans at the airport. Click the link below to see some tweet translations of the girls’ arrival in Nice, France!

“Dara’s soooooooooo friendly. She’s waving her hand and smiling all time. She’s smiling w me and signing 4 me.”