The girls of 2NE1 are in Cannes and it seems French Blackjacks are having the time of their lives! ^_^ There, 50 tickets were given to lucky Blackjacks who will win 2NE1 signed CD’s.  Here are some photos of Blackjacks having one big party in Cannes, France! 2NE1 will have a “showcase/stage” at 5:30PM France Time.

@Cannes_Lions: Scrambling to get a ticket to the@YG2ne1official party

@Cannes_Lions: Fan of K-Pop band @YG2ne1official wait for their idols ahead of Cheil’s seminar at 17:30 #CannesLions”

@wgsn: Check out the fans waiting for Korean band 2NE1 at ‪#CannesLions‬ – all singing their hearts out”

Credit: @Cannes_Lions + @Aussama_ + @pipi_de_cha + @GooTheo + @wgsn + @Luna2NE1

Comments on: "Twitter/Photos: One Big Party with 2NE1 and French Blackjacks in Cannes, France" (11)

  1. FBLACKJACKS are JJANG! get ready for NEW EVOLUTION WORL TOUR! 2NE1 fighting 😀

  2. Unisoeul said:

    No dara banner? U_u

  3. ouch my heart ache.
    why is it i dnt see a solo banner of dara frm d fans like d other 3:-(

  4. Reblogged this on edherei.

  5. whoah! those blackjacks are really lucky!!! 2ne1’s signed cds plus free ticket…whoah! just wow!!! 🙂

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