Twitter: 130702 Global Blackjack Announces 2NE1’s Comeback Stage at Inkigayo on July 7!!!

WOOHOOOO! Looks like the girls will be having their comeback stage earlier than the revelation of their MV!!! Wow, new tactics from YGE! Maybe the new MV would be released later that day at midnight, or maybe the next day in the morning… Either way, so so so excited!!! OUR GIRLS ARE BACK, BABYYYYY! ❤


#2NE1SCHEDULE July 7 (Sunday) 3:40 PM SBS Inkigayo / Dongcheon-dong SBS Hall


Source: @Globalblackjack

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ Slave

Twitter: Global Blackjack Gives the Trending Hashtag for 2NE1’s 4th Anniversary – #4everBeOur2NE1

They held a poll event in Blackjack Zone, the website where only “official” Blackjacks are members of. They suggested trending hashtags, and apparently this won! ^_^ Oh well, what matters is that all Blackjacks stay united for this trending event for 2NE1’s anniversary. ^_^


To make 2NE1’s 4th anniversary celebration even more meaningful, a hashtag that Balckjacks made themselves! In celebration of 2NE1’s fourth anniversary, the hashtag #4everBeOur2NE1 has been decided! Our Blackjack member winners! Congratulations 🙂

The context of 4everBeOur2NE1 means that the 2NE1 members will always remain to be the Blackjacks’ 2NE1! Thank you too all the Blackjacks who took part in the event, and to make it even more memorable, don’t forget to use #4everBeOur2NE1 in the trend!


Source: @GlobalBlackjack

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Global Blackjack’s 100,000 Followers Celebratory Event – Win 5 Signed 2NE1 CDs

Ooohhh, so this is the event that Global Blackjack was hinting about! ^.^ All we need to do is to tweet them celebratory tweets for the next five days! ^^ Fancy trying your luck?  Then tweet away! ^^



Source: GlobalBlackjack Twitter

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Twitter: Reporter Dara Tweets A Gorgeous Sea View Picture From France!

Wahhhh! OMG OMG OMG Dara is tweeting! If that’s really her on Global Blackjack’s twitter, then wah! So excited! And oh, thank you for sharing a beautiful picture of your view in France, Dara! Please enjoy your stay there! ❤

#2NE1ACTIVE Gorgeous sea view from our hotel room in Cannes, France… (we) will soon post beautiful pictures of ourselves so please wait little more! From Cannes, Reporter Dara.


Source: Official Global Blackjack On Twitter

Info: Official Opening of 2NE1 Global BlackJack Twitter Page!

 Wow!!! 2NE1 finally opens their official Twitter account for Global Blackjacks! To those who have twitter accounts, go follow @GlobalBlackjack! ^_^

Hello, we are the official representative of YG FAMILY FANCLUB.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page.

The official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page is the perfect place for 2NE1 fans from all over the world where 2NE1 fans will have access to 2NE1’s domestic and overseas schedules, news and many more. In particular, the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page will provide global 2NE1 fans with access to a wide variety of resources and information including the latest album and concert news, members’ anecdotes, previous 2NE1 albums and music videos, members’ fashion and life style and stories behind their songs and lyrics. In short, you may find out everything you want to know about 2NE1 at the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page!

Please find below relevant 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page information:

– Twitter handle: @GlobalBlackjack
– Opening Date: June 15, 2012
– URL link:

“Follow the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page and receive members’ personal messages!”

In addition to the above, a special opening event where members will either tweet their personal thank you messages to followers, or re-tweet followers’ messages will take place during the period of five (5) days from June 13, 2012 to June 17, 2012.

Follow the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page now to become the lucky winners!

Best regards,


Source: YG Family