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Twitter: Cute and Adorable Dara (@krungy21) Complains to @GlobalBlackjack – “Look here GlobalBlackjack, reply to me!”

Awww! This is soooo cute! Dara kept on tweeting and tweeting GlobalBlackjack until the person handling the account finally replied to her! <333 Rest assured guys, Dara found out for us that @GlobalBlackjack isn’t a robot after all! ^_^


DARA:  @GlobalBlackjack I saw the fan chant.. It’s like rapping!!!! It’s hard!!! ㅠㅠ

DARA: @GlobalBlackjack Where did all the Blackjacks come from?!? I wish this many people came every time!!!

DARA: @GlobalBlackjack Look here Global Blackjack! Why don’t you replyㅠㅠ It’s me?!? Me me me!!!

GLOBALBLACKJACK: @krungy21 Hello~Dara nim!^^ A lot of BJs will come in the future! You all promise that right? The fanchant is..not hard! Blackjack will prove that! Watch out for it! The fanchant will be a success Dara-nim! Please support Blackjacks! ^^ 

DARA: @GlobalBlackjack Pwahahahahaha!!!! Heard that Global Blackjack robot had just replied meㅋㅋ Nice meeting you^_^ Fighting!!

GLOBALBLACKJACK: @krungy21 Ro.. Im not a robotㅠㅠ Thanks for being Blackjacks’ strength:D Fighting for CL’s first live broadcast!!

Translated by: @kristinekwak + @ilove2ne1girls

Twitter/Photos: Reporter Dara Tweets About “2012 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour” via GlobalBlackjack

Reporter Dara is truly the best! ^_^ She never fails to inform Blackjacks about what is going on with 2NE1 especially with their upcoming New Evolution World Tour! ^_^

Source: @GlobalBlackjack

Photo: Dara Reporter Tweets A Gorgeous After-Rehearsal Picture In Cannes!

Can I just flail around and die OMG Dara, wae are you so pretty my bb girl! <333 Her hair OMG~! Haaaiiii! I miss you, long curly hair! <333 And her neon beanie! LOLs! Ever the daring fashionista! <333 

#2NE1ACTIVE At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! Picture from last night after rehearsal! So amazing that the sun is still up at 9pm! The festival will begin at 5:30 p.m. (Cannes time), and 2NE1 will be making presentations at the festival, representing k-pop to the rest of the world ^^ Very excited to finally get to meet our French fans, and we certainly can’t wait!!! See you soon! – Reporter Dara


Source: GlobalBlackjack on Twitter

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