Comments on: "Twitter/Photo/FanAccount: GlobalBlackjack – “An unforgettable ‘After Meeting’ after 2NE1’s concert…”" (15)

  1. so cute !!!! hope i could meet dara too >_<

  2. i love your shaking

  3. Are you the president of Oh Dara and We love Dara?
    I’m so happy for you!


  5. OMG! Unnie, you are so lucky!!! How I wish I can experience even just 10 seconds of what you’ve gone through with the girls. T.T Haha! I was cracking up as I read your fanaccount. The effect of the girls on you, especially Dara! Haha! Don’t worry, unnie, I’m pretty sure there’s a next time & when that time comes, get a hug from her already! So so happy for y’all!!! ^_^

  6. me t00** like to join you****

  7. “yes sure”….awwww she’s so sweet<33333333 Sweetie Dee HWAITING!!!!!

  8. I’m so happy for you! You of all people deserved to meet and shake hands with them. Heck, you deserve a kiss from them!

  9. i could have done the same time too.. hehe
    i would totally freak out and might just freeze in front of them… lol

    so happy for you!! hope i’ll have that same experience too…

  10. I seriously got teary eyes…I understand your feeling….

    thank you for sharing ♥

  11. nyc_emj15 said:

    congrats!!!! im so amaze at the same time jealous =) ur so lucky…. ur story and memries about dara… wow!!! godbless!

  12. Thanks for the FanAccount! I’m happy that you got the chance to freak out and freeze infront of Dara!hehehe ~.^ I also want to have the chance to have a major freak out session because it means I got to see Dara up-close. Thanks again! ^^

  13. I feel so happy for you girls!! Hopefully I will be able to join you guys in the future!!!!

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