Our girls are so cute! They arrived in Nice Airport, France earlier into the arms of around 30 or so French BlackJacks. They greeted their fans warmly, smiled and signed a lot of autographs! Lucky French BlackJacks. Most of the tweets said that Dara was so nice to everyone. She had a big smile ready and signed autographs. Our ever loving Ssantokki! ❤

Here are some photos of 2NE1 arriving at Nice Airport, France.

Credit: @Mu_Chachita + @huynguyen203 + @LoveSandokki3 + xanashakalaka.tumblr.com

Comments on: "Photos: 120616 Fan-Taken Photos of 2NE1 Arriving at Nice Airport, France" (10)

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  3. Yup<33Sweetie Dee is beautiful both inside and out<3333 Thanks for these pic<33

  4. GEEZ.. 2NE1 so fierce.. geez… they freaking cool 😀 LOVE DARA, BOM ,CL and MINZY ❤

  5. cl looks snobish hir ..
    her attitude is changing ..
    i feel like shes gettin more like something ,,
    hope not

    • hmm hopefully NOT cause I WON’T LIKE THAT

    • Nah! CL isn’t snobbish. 🙂 She’s really nice and waves and smiles to fans a lot. I have encountered CL various times and she’s always so nice. ^^

    • I don’t think she snob fans. I think she didn’t expect the other girls to stop and sign autograph. And when in the car, it was too late. But it seems she was smiling and waving. Maybe she will take time when they will leaving.

    • cheneechee said:

      CL is really nice
      its just that CL hates camera near her face lol

    • you are very much entitled to your own opinion…but…remember the site where you are putting your comment…what if CL fans see this? would they take that out on you? no…but on the idol that this site is dedicated to.

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