A few hours ago, our lovely girls arrived at Nice, France and was welcomed by around 30 or so BlackJacks! ^_^ The girls were extremely friendly and smiled and signed autographs for fans waiting at the airport. It seems our lovely Dara left an impression with the fans at the airport. Click the link below to see some tweet translations of the girls’ arrival in Nice, France!

“Dara’s soooooooooo friendly. She’s waving her hand and smiling all time. She’s smiling w me and signing 4 me.”

“@/2NE1FR Elles sont tres gentilles, mignones, Dara est la plus, elle m’a sourit beaucoup et voila j’ai eu sa signature :((“

“He said they were very nice and cute especially Dara. She smiled to him and gave him autograph^.^”

“Même si je ne l’ai vu que quelques secondes Dara m’a vraiment marqué. Elle est tellement belle.#2ne1inFrance” @/pipi_de_cha

“though I saw her for just a dew seconds, Dara really made an impression to me. She’s beautiful”

“@/exophilia – Elle avait l’air un peu effrayé parce que certaines personnes criaient mais elle est vraiment trop mignonne. :)”

“she looked a little scared because some people were screaming but she was really cute”

Thank you so much to @Ouley_Soleil for the translations! ^_^

Credit: MelissaxNotorious@YouTube + hxg128@YouTube + 2ne1France@YouTube

Comments on: "Fancams: 120616 2NE1 Arriving at Nice, France Airport" (10)

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  3. spoieldee said:

    it was nice of Bom to say sorry and said good bye

  4. love love ❤ FBLACKJACKS are JJANG!

    • France Blackjacks are Jjang indeed!!!!
      Awww Sweetie Dee really loves and appreciates her fans<33Luv luv her<33
      Thanks sooo much for these fancams guys<33

  5. Sorry for the double post..kekeke
    Really looks bare-faced.. But still pretty.

  6. Wow 30 fans came out to meet them?! It’s like 5 or 6am there.. Awesome blackjacks!

    • No when 2ne1 arrived it was 10:30pm (french time) and if it was during the day, i guess they would have been more people. I’m french but i wasn’t there. Live too far T_T

  7. Wow 30 fans came out to meet them?! It’s like early morning there maybe 5 or 6am… Awesome blackjacks!

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