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Video: 2NE1 – Behind The Scenes at MTV VMAJ 2012

Credit: 2NE1-France@dailymotion

Photos: Close-Up Scans of 2NE1 from MTV VMAJ 2012 in Kan Fun Magazine

Credit: @BJN_21; Thanks Nao!

Dara Fashion Find: Dara Wears A Multi-Colored Keyboard And Cages Her Feet For MTV VMAJ!

Love how she wore a cropped version of the long dress by Jeremy Scott. ^^ I think it would have looked better if the long sleeves were cropped too. Kekeke! XD

Anyways, loving Dara’s cage shoes by Gareth Pugh! It’s from the designer’s new 2012 line for womenswear inspired by crazy cages. ^^


Thanks to everyone who helped us with Dara’s shoes! Thank you! ❤

Sources: Jeremy Scott, Polyvore, Shoe Lust

Please do not edit the picture or change the credits. Thanks so much! ^^

News: 2PM, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation win at Japan MTV awards

2PM, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation win at Japan MTV awards

Boy band 2PM and girl groups 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation received major awards at the MTV Japan music video awards on Saturday, beating other internationally famous artists.

2PM won the Best Group Video with “I am Your Man” and 2NE1 received the Best New Artist Video with “I am the Best.”

Girls’ Generation won Best Album with “Girls Generation,” their first regular album in Japan, released in June last year. The album has sold 206,979 copies, making it the 11th best-selling album in the first half of the year on the Oricon Chart.

The MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2012 was held at Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba, near Tokyo, on Saturday.

In winning the Best New Artist Video award, 2NE1 beat artists including LMFAO and James Blake as well as well-known Japanese groups.

2NE1 commented, “We want to thank our staff and Blackjacks, our fans. 2NE1! Let’s play!” The girls heated up the venue with their performance of “I am the Best,” and “Scream” in front of more than 6,000 audiences.

2NE1 plans to hold concerts in Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama in September as part of their “New Evolution” Japan tour and expect to perform for more than 70,000 people. 

2PM prevailed over other nominees including Coldplay and Maroon 5 to win the Best Group Video prize.

“We would like to attribute the honor of receiving the award to our fans and those who love ‘I am Your Man,’” 2PM said in Korean, Japanese and English after receiving the award.

2PM and 2NE1 performed with top Japanese groups EXILE and J Soul Brothers at the annual MTV Video Music Awards Japan.

The annual music video awards ceremony was presented by the Japanese singer Perfume and attended by world-famous artists including EXILE, JUJU, Bump of Chicken, Linkin Park and J Soul Brothers.


Source: The Korea Herald

Video+Caps: 2NE1 wins “Best New Artist Video” Award at 2012 MTV VMAJ

YEY!!!! Congratulations to 2NE1 for winning the “Best New Artist Video Award” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards Japan! ^_^ Congratulations to all Blackjacks too! 2NE1 is the B-E-S-T!!! ❤


Video: 2NE1’s Promo Vid for MTV VMAJ 2012

Here’s 2NE1’s message for the MTV VMAJ 2012! I can’t wait for 2NE1’s performance on the awards’ ceremony on June 23rd! I sure hope they win! ^_^

라이브 퍼포먼스로서 출연하는 안녕하세요

As we’re going to do a live performance, annyeonghaseyo,

What’s up we 2NE1!

VMAJ에서 여러분과 함께 할 수있어서 정말로 기쁩니다.

We are very happy that we could take part in VMAJ along with everyone.

회장에서 모두 즐겁게 놉시다.놀자!

I hope that everyone would play well together. Nolza!

그럼 MTV VMAJ2012 기대하세요

Please expect a lot from MTV VMAJ 2012.




Video source/ Jap-Kor trans: @BJN_21

Kor-Eng Trans: BlackjackBelle@OhDara