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Screencap: FAULT Magazine Wishes Dara a Happy Birthday

FAULT Magazine took the time to wish Dara a Happy Birthday on their Facebook page~


Source: FAULT Magazine Facebook

Photo: Unreleased Photo Of Fierce 2NE1 For FAULT Magazine

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this picture! ❤ I love the girls’ outfits in this one.. We get to see Dara in this dress and studded bra! Weee~! ❤


Source: @giulianobekor at his site

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Dara Fashion Find: Norse Goddess Dara Rocks Our Her All-Black Ensemble For FAULT Magazine

Like I said in my other post, I love her outfit! ^^ Dara is wearing bondage stockings, but since I wasn’t sure which one she’s wearing, I decided not to include it.. She’s also wearing cuffs from Lloyd Klein, but he hasn’t got an online shop, so I didn’t put it there too. ^^ I love how the whole outfit worked together! And just how versatile is our Dara at posing? ^^



Sources: Polyvore + Daniel Vi Le tumblr + Put together by OhDara/WeLoveDara

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Photos: HD Solo Pictures Of Fierce, Norse Goddess Dara In FAULT Magazine

Dara looks like an awesome, beautiful, fierce Norse goddess in this photoshoot~! Love the elaborate headpiece that set off the simplicity of her dress nicely.. ^^ And look at the intensity of Dara’s gaze, beautiful, beautiful! ^^

I wish we could have gotten more of a glimpse of Dara in this bustier, showing off her smexy stomach! ^_^ But dang, doesn’t her headress make her look like a fierce, brave dragon warrior? ^_^


Source: FAULT Magazine + WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Interview: 2NE1 for Fault Magazine

Aside from the gorgeous pictures taken for FAULT Magazine, the girls also had solo interviews about their thoughts on their tour, their musical and fashion influences, fans’ support, future plans etc. Check out their interview and solo pictures!


Dara Fashion Find: Dara Goes Basic Red, Black, And White, Then Bursts Into Color For Fault Magazine

I wonder how many concept photos Fault took of the girls? Kekeke! I think they shot pictures of them in their own clothes before they arrived, then had them change into the black, goth-ish outfits. And then into Jeremy Scott’s colorful collection. ^^

From a fantaken-pic of when the girls arrived at the shoot, we can see a glimpse of red soles for Dara’s shoes, so I’m betting she was wearing Louboutins. ^^


Source: WeLoveDara/OhDara

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Photos: 2NE1 from Fault Magazine Photoshoot by Giuliano Bekor

We LOVE 2NE1! You really are THE BEST!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely ladies of 2NE1, their fabulous glam team, and fashion icon Jeremy Scott (swoon!!) into the studio for a Fault Magazine shoot styled by the amazing Avo Yermagyan. There was so much creative energy in the studio and needless to say, we had a blast! Here’s a little sneak peek! Be sure to check out our Facebook feed for behind the scenes, and stay tuned for announcements on more sneak peeks to come! Good luck at the Los Angeles show tonight girls! You will rock Nokia Live! xo-Team Giuliano (BlackJack for Life)


Photos: 2NE1 for Fault Magazine

Gorgeous! Our girls are looking relaxed and gorgeous in this photoshoot for Fault Magazine!

Source: Fault Magazine via @ForeverWithDara

Photo: 120823 Dara Arriving at Lightbox Studio for a Photoshoot with Fault Magazine

Our Dara looking as stunning as ever! ^_^


Photos: Behind The Scene Photos of 2NE1’s Photoshoot for Fault Magazine

Oh wow! Check out what the girls will potentially be wearing!!! This is one crazy and badass shoot!

Check out more clothes below!