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News: Louis Vuitton Seeks Massive Investment in YG Entertainment

Louis Vuitton seeks massive investment in YG Entertainment


The world’s top-notch luxury brand group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is on track to make a large scale investment in the 100 billion won range ($1=KRW970) in South Korea’s one of the top three entertainment companies YG Entertainment. The deal, if materialized, will become the first-ever for overseas luxury brand group to invest in the nation’s entertainment company. Reportedly, Louis Vuitton seeks business partnership rather than attempting to acquire management rights or make profits.

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton is the world’s leading luxury group whose brands include Bulgari and TAG Heuer while YG Entertainment has led the Korean pop culture across Asia with famous singers like Psy, Big Bang and 2NEI. The deal will likely help the two to create significant synergies in expanding their business.

LCapital Asia, a private equity firm (PEF) backed by Louis Vuitton group, is in last-stage negotiations to invest in YG Entertainment, according to investment banking industry in Hong Kong Tuesday. LCapital will likely decide on new rights issue in a third party allocation and invest worth at least 100 billion won, representing around 20 percent of YG Entertainment’s market capitalization worth 571.4 billion won.

The two are fine-tuning how much and how Louis Vuitton will invest after beginning negotiations secretly around June. Reportedly, they will likely opt for a third party allotment rights issue involving redeemable cumulative preference shares (RCPS).

Credits: MK News

Twitter: Dara and RJ Think of New, Fun Reality Show Programs Involving YGE

And here comes RJ! Kekeke, he’s a YG staff.. ^^ I love how Dara playfully bickers.. ^^ And yes, the reality shows sound good! GO GO GO FOR IT!


RJ: @krungy21 @haroobomkum I want to suggest a new reality (Reality – reality show/ variety program) to you both. “We were married”

DARA: @RJinPEACE @haroobomkum Eh?!? What’s with the “were” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What about 2NE1 TV Season 4 “Can we get married~ jyo?” ㅋ The husband hopefuls would come to YG office building and then ask permission from the seniors! How about that?!? +.+

RJ: @krungy21 @haroobomkum ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, that sounds really fun ㅋㅋ It will be like KPop Star where there’ll be an audition screening, then camp ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ I’ll propose another new reality show! “2NE1’s Experience as YG Employees” ㅋㅋ

DARA: Will we even pass the 5 stages..? Styling test, Ssabu-nim’s physical fitness test, all the male sunbaes’ test, Teddy-oppa’s test.. And then finally, they have to pass Sajangnim’s test, won’t that be too hard though? ㅠ I think no one would want to take on the challenge ㅋㅋㅋ


Source: @krungy21 @RJinPEACE

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Photos: Press Pictures of 2NE1 at Asiana-YGE MOU Signing

Our pretty ladies! So happy to see them all together.. They are rocking fierce black outfits! I am loving each and every one of their gorgeous black coats.. ❤ And is it just me or did Bommie get highlights? ^^ So happy to see Minzy’s hair getting longer again.. And DaRin’s classic styles as they almost always wear them.. ^^




Source: Nate

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Info: YGE Reveals “You. Great.” – It’s Merchandise, People, Merchandise!

OMG! So after a few days of teasing, YGE has finally revealed the big deal about “You. Great.” It turns out that they are merchandise! A whole bunch of merchandise that YGE has conceptualized to bring a message.. ^^ 


A message from YG.
That’s our pleasure.

Dreamed by YG

430777_459519080772796_1628851321_n (1)
Merchandise can be bought online through YGE-shop and 10×10 so make sure you browse through them if you plan to get “You. Great” merchandise.  ^^
Source: You Great Facebook Page + YGE shop
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Info/News: YGE’s Plans For 2013 – 2NE1 To Go On Another Concert Tour In Summer?


The articles released are actually focusing on how YGE’s market shares and profit have increased in the year. They said that the growth rate will be at 30%-40% for next year, which is more than pretty good. I won’t dwell there though.The article talked about YGE’s plans for next year, though it sounds like a summary of expectations and plans only, and not anything concrete. Well, we all know about YG by now, and know that nothing is set in stone. But here’s what the article says:

In the first half of next year, YG is expected to debut its new rookie group; Big Bang is also scheduled for a comeback next fall. YG is also expected to expand its lineup with the girl group that they are also planning to debut next year, four years after the debut of their successful girl group, 2NE1. Psy is also expected to release an album in the US, maybe February or March of next year, and also a world tour. He will continue to do his highly successful local concerts also. In summer of next year, the YG Family Concert tour and 2NE1’s Concert tour are also scheduled. Former Mnet ‘Superstar K2’ contestant Kang Seung Yoon will also debut next year.

For all these activities, market consultants and analysts expect a continuing growth for YGE, especially with a lot of activity coming from them in the first half of the year.

A lot of debuts, right? But no mention of 2NE1’s comeback. I guess that the girls might be coming back before the summer, because if they’re planning a summer concert tour for the girls, they must have new material, right? Here’s to hoping that we will have news of the girls’ comeback soon! YGE has a lot of plans, I just hope that they translate to actual events. Hoping for the best for 2NE1!

And please, Papa YG, Dara for a drama please!


Source: Nate

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[TRANS][NEWS] Big Bang · 2NE1 · Tablo… 13 Artists From YG Entertainment To Appear In Strong Heart

Big Bang · 2NE1 · Tablo… 13 Artists From YG Entertainment To Appear In Strong Heart

Big Bang · 2NE1 · Se7en · Tablo · Psy · Gummy a total of 13 artists from YG Entertainment would be appearing in SBS Entertainment Program, “Strong Heart.”

SBS officials confirmed this through a phone call made with OSEN on Wednesday morning, “Big Bang and 2NE1 members along with Se7en, Tablo, Psy, and Gummy, making a total of 13 YG Entertainment artists, have been confirmed for their appearance in Strong Heart.”

In addition, they expressed, “This being a YG special episode, they would be sharing heartwarming and honest stories that happened within the agency, that they have never revealed before.

The official also said, “Strong Heart – YG Special will be recording on March 15th, and it will be aired in two episodes, on March 27th and April 3rd.”

Meanwhile, this is expected to be the last episode for Strong Heart MC, Lee Seung Gi. They are still looking for the MC to succeed him.



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