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Instagram: Actress Dara Finishes Filming for new Web Drama ~ “We Really Broke Up Now”

“We Broke Up” finished filming late last week, and is slotted to be broadcasted later this month! Who is excited for this?! I know I am! ❤


We really broke up now…However this is just a new start to the relation with good people~!!! It was a very fun one month!!! I couldn’t keep in my laugh but I think it was my first time making a blooper several times because was laughing kkk desperately trying to keep it in…heh heh everyone did a great job and put it in a lot of effort so please look forward to it ^.^ Goodnight!!! #WeBrokeUp


Source: @daraxxi on Instagram

Translated by : KIMJ1WON

Photos: 150505 “We Broke Up” Aerial Photography Shooting Staff Shares Pictures On-Site ~ Glimpse of Dara and Seungyoon!

Oh man! Their shooting location is gorgeous! ❤ Some of the location pics after the cut.. ❤ Awww, but look how cute Dara is is, huddled there at the corner.. It must’ve been very cold.. O_O 

The blog where these pictures are uploaded is by a staff of Hunmani, which specializes in taking aerial shots! Which is great since the location does really look beautiful! Can’t wait for these scenes.. ❤




Photos: 150502 Fantaken Pics of “College Girl” Dara and Cool Guy Seungyoon Filming for “We Broke Up” at Incheon University

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE~!!!! I cannot wait for the drama to happen already!!! Dara is so cute! She looks so adorable in her “college girl” outfit! I AM LOVING HER OUTFIT!!! ❤ And waaahhh Seungyoon, so cool with his guitar! /dies

According to some tweets and updates on Weibo and Instagram, they were filming at Incheon University today! ❤ FIGHTING ACTRESS DARA! Fighting Seungyoon! Fighting “We Broke Up” team! ❤





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Info/Official: Naver TV Cast Releases Official Broadcast Schedules for Web Drama, “Dr. Ian”

Official broadcast schedules! Episodes 1 and 2 on Sunday (10:30PM, KST), Episodes 3-5 on March 30 – April 1 (12:00MN, KST), and Episodes 6-9 on April 5-8 (12:00MN, KST).. ^^ Make sure you convert the KST time zone to your country’s zones, okay? ^^ Let’s all watch out and support our goddess Dara! ^_^


Broadcast starts on 2015.03.29
Starring Pinocchio’s Kim Young Kwang, 2NE1’s Sandara Park as lead roles in web drama <Dr. Ian>

3/29 (Sunday), first broadcast at 10:30PM, with episodes 1~2 consecutively showing!

Immediately afterwards, on the 30th (Monday), 31st (Tuesday), and April 1st (Wednesday), at 0:00 midnight, episodes 3~5 will be broadcasted

On 4/5 (Sunday), 4/6 (Monday), 4/7 (Tuesday), 4/8 (Wednesday), at midnight, episodes 6~9 will be revealed

Web drama directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan of Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and Master’s Sun fame


Source: Dr. Ian Naver TVCast

Translated and re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Weibo: Actress Dara Promotes Dr. Ian’s “Lee So Dam” ~ “Timid and with No Self-Confidence, But Loving and Warm”

So Dam pretty! ❤ So Dam gorgeous! And apparently, So Dam cold, kekeke! XD Dara is actively promoting Lee So Dam, and I’m so so so happy! ❤ FIGHTING DR. IAN! ❤

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Source: Dara’s Weibo (daraxxicn)

Translated by: DaraIDo

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Twitter: Actress Sandara (@krungy21) Short filming for Dr. Yi Ahn ~ I really learned a lot and it was a precious experience.

The filming for Dr. Yi Ahn already ended (as expected as it is a Web Drama only) and Sandy is so thankful…

Praying  for more projects to you Krung especially Darama.


Trans: Short filming for Dr. Yi Ahn… I really learned a lot and it was a precious experience. To our senseful director who even prepared coffee for the artists & staff        Thank you fo guiding me director Kwon Hyuk Chan~Bow”



Source: @krungy21

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Instagram: Pretty Miss Lee So Dam Snaps a Picture with Dashing Dr. Mo Ian ~ #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang Fighting!

Oohhh, I think they’ve officially changed the title to “Dr. Lee Ahn,” still not sure how they’ll spell it, but this translation seems to be the more popular one, so here it is.. Kekekeke, Dara updated her Weibo and wrote “Dr. Ian” which I was using earlier, so yeah.. XD I am so so so excited for this, aren’t you guys?!<3 So Dam looks so pretty.. T_T And with a doctor like that, sign me up for a session juseyo! XD I am ridiculously curious about Dara’s frilly, lacy dress! XD


So Dam & Ian ^.^ #Dr. Ian #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang 



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Instagram: Actor Kim Young Kwang Updates a Photo with Dara During “Dr. Ian” Filming!

OMG! We finally have a picture of So Dam while filming! ❤ And it’s Kim Young Kwang himself who uploaded it! Waaahhhh! OMG you guys! T_T /tears of joy I cannot wait to see and spazz over this! Come faster, March! ❤

On a different note, I wonder if Dara was stepping on something while taking this pic? Because their height difference is much larger than in the picture, kekekeke! XD


While filming for Dr. Ian~^^



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