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Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes her New Room Design and Avatar for Line Play ~ “Dara is Now an Actress!”

Dara updated this yesterday in five different languages.. ❤



Line Play: Actress Dara Invades Line Play with New Avatar and Room Make-Over ~ “Visit to Get Free Item!”

Actress Dara is invading Line Play~! Dara has a new room and avatar in Line Play, and you can get a free item if you visit her room, a 2NE1 lighstick! ^^11068080_800885743293955_3972547309143092129_n

[LINE PLAY x DARA] 2NE1’s Dara gets an Avatar and Room Make-Over!

DARA from 2NE1 is getting a official room makeover!
★ Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick.
(Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)
★ How to visit Dara’s official room:
From the main screen> tap ‘Add’ > find Dara > tap Visit

Download LINE PLAY from below:

11071046_800885756627287_2286456056929296524_n 11000166_800885746627288_4933373503841706754_n

DARA from 2NE1 is getting an official room makeover!
Get a free item! All visitors to DARA’s official room will get a special 2NE1 light stick. (Till 11:59 pm on March 29, GMT+9)

DARA’s official room @

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Source: 2NE1 and LINE PLAY Facebook, ziine89 YouTube

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Line: Shy Lee So Dam Makes an Appearance in Dara’s Line Play Diary~ “When You Look at my Appearance, Please See So Dam, Not Dara”

Whey hello there shy So Dam.. ❤ As expected, she was wearing extensions, and whoa, she did dye her hair black.. ^_^ But in the other pics, it showed her hair brown? So maybe she died it after? Kekeke! Anyways, cannot wait to watch “Dr. Ian,” we’re excited and so happy for it, Dara-ya! Sandara Park, fighting! Lee So Dam, fighting! ❤


Title: Its Already last day of February

“My long hair cut was gorgeous (of course I’m using a fake extension keke) For So Dam role I only did simple transformation like dyeing my hair black, its just like the day before yesterday when I did my first shoot my heart was quivering that time.. February the coldest month has ended already.

This last 6 years has been remarkable and unique but I think I made a lot of changes in this So Dam transformation. I’m unfamiliar rider and also I don’t have power shoulder, my awkward appearance *keukeukeuk*

Meanwhile Blackjacks I wish that when you looks at my appearance you will see me as So Dam and not a Dara. Sometimes ago I went to newsroom to look at the pictures *kekeke* it was amazing and more fun!”



Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @21GYDTS

Re-uploaded by; OhDara

Line: Sweet, Caring Dara Shares a BTS Story About her “Beat Radio Recording” ~ “Re-Wrote and Re-Recorded the Talk Part Passionately”

Awww.. Dara’s dedication to the fans is really touching.. The fact that she went and did the talk part herself, even though there was a prepared script already, just so she can share more of herself with the listeners is really sweet.. T_T Her schedule must be killing, that’s why she had to talk to a writer for the script, but she found time out of her busy schedule to re-write and re-record the talk part because she found that the talk part didn’t come out as personal as she wanted.. ❤ And as a fan I feel humbled whenever I think of the things she goes out of her way to do for fans who love her, to show that she loves us back,.. ❤ Fighting Dara, we are always always here for you! ❤


Dara: “Good morning!!! ^.^ My eyes are still drowsy~~~ Nowadays, I haven’t slept well so I’m tired everyday but it’s been fun~!!!Yesterday, I opened a BEAT account and wished that all Blackjacks would also enjoy it, too. I picked the song selection as for the talk, the writer gave me a script~ and set the base story according to what I told her~ and since there was a script. The talk didn’t come out naturallyㅋㅋ So even tho it was so busy, I went to find the writer, typed, & went as far as re-recordingㅋㅋTalk about passionㅋㅋㅋI might’ve annoyed the staff ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋAnyway, being able to understand and share something with each other… is a big joy*** And so I did everything while enjoying it~ After this experience if I get another chance like this…I might be greedy but if I get a great chance like this again, I will work harder ^.^ Have a good day!!!”



Source: Dara’s Line Play Diary

Screencap by: WeLoveDara

Translated by: @XXiKJOP

Line Diary: Sweet Dara Wishes to be “TweniDara” as she Represents 2NE1 at the Gaon Chart Awards ~ “One Day, Our Paths Will Unite Again”

Dara is doing things to my Blackjack heart. T_T Your way with words never fails to astonish me.. ❤

We will be waiting until the day 2NE1 stands together on stage right now.. We are always here to support you in whatever you do! Be it ActressDara, MC Dara, or TweniDara, we will be here to support you and love you.. ❤



Although I’m going to Gaon Chart awards today… My heart is always…” #TwenDaraPak ke ke We (2NE1) are not really the type of team to work individually and so sometimes when we do work separately, it feels emp~ty. Like a heavy feeling..? As if my heart has left..? Anyway, let’s work hard to make this year great by having a positive mind.

P.s.. It hasn’t been long since I (we) stood on stage but I miss it. I guess I am a singer after all~~~ Tho I’m not performing today, I will energetically go to represent 2NE1 & Blackjack as TwenDaraPak.. Ah… I don’t wanna do the palm tree hair.. ㅠ.ㅠ I don’t even hair to do the palm tree anymore ㅋㅋㅋ Bye~^_^/

Before, there were many kinds of Dara but after a long time, I’m transforming back to TwenDaraPak~ +.+ And this is my original kind. It’s so good that I was able to show you many sides of me. I’ve shown many before but there are still some that I haven’t shown. In the future, I have more left to show and so that makes me excited/look forward for it… Singer Dara, MC Dara, DJ Dara, etc… and soon, there’s Actress Dara.. But still, the one I’m most attached to is TweniDara +.+ Though right now we’re about to go individual paths… we are not separated and will one day, unite paths again


Capped by: @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @KJOP21

Line Play: 141205 Thoughtful Dara Reminds Everyone To Drive Safe and Shares that the Cold Weather Turned Her Into A “Fashion Terrorist”


Dara said she barely goes out nowadays because the weather is so cold. She reminds everyone to be careful in driving. And because of the cold weather, she can’t wear thin clothes, calling herself a “fashion terrorist”.


Translated by: @21GYDTS

Screencap by: @21pinkMIC

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Line Play: Dara Updates Her Line Play~ “A Dizzy Flight: Our Flight from Shanghai to Osaka was Really Scary T_T”

Dara’s 5th Line Diary Update: “A dizzy flight”

After last week’s crazy schedule, we are back in Korea~^^
Today at Osaka, I was able to spend a day of free time and it was~ fun! I ordered 70 pieces of takoyaki keke Of course, I didn’t eat it all by myself keke Anyway, it was fun and it’s been a while since I had a fun free time!

Ah… But our flight from Shanghai to Osaka was a really scary flight TT.TT
I thought maybe because it was calmly raining and that the flight would be comfortable because it was my favorite romantic weather but!? just as usual, when we board on the plane, I don’t know if it was because of the weather or what not, but the flight was delayed for about 2 hours.
After waiting for a long time, we finally took-off… hmm… It was the most dizzying flight as the plane kept shaking as if it was a roller coaster TT.TT
Meeting a strong turbulence, I fastened by seatbelt and listened to the information. To Chaerin who sat beside me, I tightly held on her hand and arm and just kept holding on to her while trembling..
It’s not supposed to be like this.. I kept thinking that in this airplane, 2NE1 and WINNER are boarding it and in a few hours, we have to start YG Family Concert and that we must arrive safely.

I had so many thoughts but thankfully we were able to safely arrive at Osaka and were able to stand on the concert stage. We didn’t have enough time so I almost performed with no make-up kekeke

Later when we talked about it, even the staff were praying and crying. Because of this, am I going to have a fear of flight? Or not? TT.TT
Anyway, I wish that for our future tours, we will be safe~ To our members, staff, and WINNER-dongsaengs who always work hard, thank you and fighting!!! ^.^



Source: Dara’s LINE Play Diary via @nampikachu
Translated by @kjop21_ )

Line: Sentimental Dara Tells Everyone to Enjoy the Present and Asks Blackjacks Not to Worry

Dara updated her diary a few days ago and she’s reflecting on her current activities as well as looking to the future as well! Due to their very busy schedules, she feels sad that in someways she hasn’t been able to enjoy her overseas trips. But she’s happy that she gets to meet and see fans in the countries. Awww! So sweet of you unnie!!! We all wish you nothing but happiness! After all your promotions and concert tours, you deserve a break and rest from everything! Renew and recharge yourself for a new challenge! We hope you’ll have another time and opportunity to visit the places you like and love! ^^

And please don’t say sorry for your long updates! We love hearing your stories and thoughts! Anything from you!!! ❤ Though we wish we can understand korean, kekeke! ^^


Translated by: @kjop21_

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Line: Cute and Adorable Dara Debuts on Line Play

Dara’s Character Debut’s on Line Play! Look how cute she is! ❤ Click here for Android users and here for Apple users! Go, go, go and download the app now! Enjoy and have lots of fun playing with Dara! ^_^

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Check out more caps below!


Instagram: Pretty Dara and Bom Smile and Pose During Line Photoshoot

Looks like the girls had a photoshoot yesterday! Lovely Dara and Bom! And Dara’s hair is still a shocking blue! ❤ I wonder what this photoshoot is really for? ^^


#2ne1 #bom #dara #line #lineplay Photoshoot yesterday


Source: jhlie

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