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Photo: 140321 Stylish Dara, Bom, and Minzy at Incheon Airport Headed for Hong Kong for “All Or Nothing” In HK!

Oohhh, our girls are showing their fierce, individual, and unique fashion! Dara in her casual over-sized 2NE1 tee, with camouflage skinny jeans, paired with beige Rick Owen shoes, topped with a black and white beanie, and (if I’m not mistaken) a J.Estina bag.. ^^ Bom went sexy with her fitted black, long-sleeved top, short shorts, and printed tights, with a gold and black shoulder bag. Minzy went comfy and casual with her perky pony tail, black denim jacket over simple white shirt, black textured leather pants, black handbag, and cute yet stylish black pumps! Our girls are really making the airport their own fashion runway! ❤



Source: As Tagged via Nate

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Video: OHMYGODDESS Fancam 131104 Incheon Airport – DARA Version

[FANCAM] 131104 Incheon Airport – DARA Version



Video: 131001 Cute Fancam of our Precious 2NE1 Being All Adorable and Lovable at Incheon Airport Departing for China ~ OT4!

Awwww our girls!!!! /squeals and drowns in fangirl feels They are just so lovely and I am loving every minute of this fancam. T_T I love how happy they all are, and I love how they were like, posing, and then Dara loses her balance and everyone laughs, and then they hold hands to cross the street, and don’t let go after. TT___________TT Our girls, standing strong together!!! ^^

2013.10.01 Incheon Airport Departure – 2NE1

Credits: 21NOKIO

Photo: 130911 HD, Fantaken Pic of Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to New York

HD picture! ^^ The Black and White make it look so dramatic.. ❤


Dara is wearing a Bratson “Presidential Advisory” snapback:


And Brian Lichtenberg “HOMIES” nylon hoodie. ^^


Photo source: @littlestone_

Fashion Find: @Jigsaw_03

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 130712 HD Fantaken Pics of Gorgeous, Fun 2NE1 at Incheon Airport Going to China

Wow, there are HQ/HD pics so fast! Dara is so cute! She gave away calling cards at the airport! ❤ I am super loving BlonDara! ❤

BO8krfpCIAElyCI.jpg large

BO77jThCEAIUoj4.jpg large

BO77nCuCIAI4sQw.jpg large

And here’s 2NE1! Bommie holding a banana! ^^ In-flight snack maybe? Kekeke! ❤

BO78RXmCYAAJL0t.jpg large


And here they go, laughing with each other.. ^_^ Don’t you just love their matching shirts?! 😀

BO77_JRCYAArexw.jpg large

Chaerinnie stealing away Dara’s attention by pointing out something to her, kekekeke! ❤

BO78mZVCYAAqIsS.jpg large

More HD/HQ goodness after the cut!


Photos: 130712 Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 at Incheon Airport Leaving for Shanghai, China

OMG our girls look so casual, but so awesome still! Dara’s shoes look seriously cool.. ^_^ And how cute are Small Park and Big park, wearing “Double Park” T-shirts?! ^______________^


BO7oeHbCIAEHqbt.jpg large

BO7oQf_CIAEA4KL.jpg large


Photos: 130628 More Photos of Gorgeous Dara at Incheon Airport Leaving for Singapore

Weee! More pictures of our beautiful girl at the airport before leaving for Singapore. ^_^





BN5AJthCMAACF4d.jpg large

BN5UnoqCEAEVJ_6.jpg large


Photos: 130701 Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 Arriving Back in Korea from Singapore

Cutie Dara holding Chelle’s Kiiroitorri bouquet. ^_^

BODEUSdCcAARXWe.jpg large

BODJRhvCQAA2wHu.jpg large

BODHDX3CUAEhWeL.jpg large


Source: @sungp00

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Video: OMG Preview Fancam of Shining Dara at Incheon Airport Returning from Singapore

Dara shines even in the simplest outfits.. ❤

[FANCAM] 130623 Incheon Airport – Preview (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Photos: 130621 Press Photos of Mysterious Dara at Incheon Airport Going to Singapore

Dara’s color fashion point is her neon yellow Louboutin Havana Patent Leather Brogues.. ^_^ And yes Dar,a you look mysterious as heck! ❤






Source: News Portal via Nate

Re-uploaded by: OhDara