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Videos: [Updated w/ Caps] 110731 2NE1’s Jjang Performances For Hate You and Ugly on Inkigayo

OMG! Today’s performances were jjang, daebak, epic!!!! LMAO! I’ve re-watched like it like ten times each already! The girls did so so so well!

First is their Hate You intro. I won’t deny that I wanted to see more of this perf! I wanted to see Dara’s part in full. She and Minzy shared maknae’s parts in the first verse. And she looked soooooo pretty with her hair and her outfit! GAHHH! SPAZZING FOREVER! LMAO! XD I was just sooo bummed that the camera BARELY focused on her! T_T Yo, Mr. Cameraman, focus on my pretty Dara next time too eh? Kekeke! ^_^

2NE1 – Hate You On Inkigayo

Dara most specially nailed her parts in Ugly! I won’t deny that I was holding my breath when her parts for the bridge came on while I was streaming, and Dara did not disappoint! She delivered, and delivered it so well! Her emotions and facial expressions were spot on!

2NE1 – UGLY on Inkigayo

Credits: CodeAnalysisSeason5 at YouTube 


Video: 110724 2NE1 Inkigayo Comeback Next Week

Credit: CrazyCarrot370

Video: 2NE1 – Hate You MV

Click the link below to see the screencaps:


Video: 110717 2NE1 “Hate You” MV Teaser

Ohhh! So its really going to be an animated MV! ^^ It is just me or is animated Dara so hot? And of course, trust Dara to also be the one carrying the “weird” weapon! She isn’t carrying a gun, nor a shotgun… she’s carrying some weird looking axe-like killing machine! ^^

Me2day: Hate You and Ugly

Update #1: Hate You

굿모닝!!!!!!! 좋은하루 보내세요~!^.^ 글구 이제 슬슬 제목 익혀두도록 하세용~! 헤이츄~ 에에에에에에에~~~~~~~~

Update #2: Ugly

신곡과 친해지기!!!^_^제목들 재밌죠?!?울지말라고 햇다가 외롭다고햇다가 내가 제일 잘나간다 그랫다가 너 밉다 그랫다가 못생겻대요ㅋDon’t cry+Lonely+내가젤잘나가+Hate you+Ugly+Don’t stop the music!!!미니앨범 기대기대!!!+.+

Source: Dara’s Me2Day