Ohhh! So its really going to be an animated MV! ^^ It is just me or is animated Dara so hot? And of course, trust Dara to also be the one carrying the “weird” weapon! She isn’t carrying a gun, nor a shotgun… she’s carrying some weird looking axe-like killing machine! ^^

Comments on: "Video: 110717 2NE1 “Hate You” MV Teaser" (21)

  1. kukay06 said:

    waaahh!! the animated dara is so hot!!! i like her outfit 🙂

  2. I just wanted to let u know that Dara was voted as 2nd most likable face.

  3. its OT but just watched 2ne1tv3 and eventhough most of it are recaps of season 1 & 2..just looking back at who they are atfirst up till now made me so sentimental and proud… for ALL that they have achieved they still remain the sweet,dorky and sometimes adorable weird down to earth & hardworking girls we all learned to love ^.^

  4. am i the only one who thought of “cowboy bebop”? its got that dark & weird coolness that anime have..its so cool ^.^

  5. epicccc! something new not just from 2NE1 but from kpop in general (well GD’s butterfly is animation too) but this is a whole diff level. BADASS CARTOON! and the song sounds very promising. can’t wait!

  6. dara’s so lovely and awesome. i just want her hair coloured such as red, orange, white. kekeke.

  7. this is definitely 2ne1’s year!!!!!!!! daebak mari kim!!!!!!!
    2ne1 is my everyday vitamin!!!!

  8. Waa!!
    i’m excited for the MV as well.Something fresh and new from 2NE1!
    and like everyone else says.. Dara is SO HOT and Sexy here!
    Wish they’d perform with those clothes in the animation too! 😛 hehehe
    Dara in a red hot corset and those long brown silky hair..she should have some extensions too!
    Plus those gorgeous expressive eyes are still visible even when animated..:)
    Hmm..wonder what the storyline is like..
    Dara is like the hottest one here.. 😛
    Please let her hair down when they perform this live..
    Since she has been doing a lot of crazy ones during IATB promotions, and though i love those as well..it’s time to change her concept too.. lie low on the crazy ones for this song..:P

  9. Wow! This song sure sounds good!! Dara is like the sexiest one in the mv!! Hehe can’t wait for the full release!!!

  10. I hope they perform this on stage and when they do, I hope that they wear the same hairstyle and clothes just like their animated MV. Can’t wait to see Dara in those sexy and hot outfit!

  11. Dara’s carrying a machete.
    I wiki’ed the weapon and it seems to come with such a bloody history. scary. lol
    i think she’s very badass since u have to be agile and really hit bullseye when u use a machete.
    Anyway, she sure is sexy in the animation. corsette ^_^ wonder if Mari Kim got the inspiration from the UNO photoshoot

  12. Darkcruzader said:

    I’m so excited on this mv omg I can see all the fight scene….shoot this is going to be epic!!!! This is so perfect for them to use as an mv since they are about to go to Japan for their debut….. and we know how Japanese love their anime!! So with that being said this is going to be daebak!!!!

  13. well swords are my favorite weapon aside from bow and arrows,it shows a warriors’ skill in battle,she’s like a modern amazonian goddess here too..
    Is it just me or the story involves Dara and the guy having a relationship before finding out he’s a bad guy wink* ,coz look at what happend after Dara threw the “jungle bolo” (LOL) he pulled her to him,oh on another thought, i just wish this long hair is true..bet that’s why they showed Dara with those crazy hairstyles for ITB,coz she’ll be goddess here in I Hate You…wahhh!!!

  14. dara’s so hot with that red corset!!! wohooo! it’s like lady marmalade meets charlie’s angels & tomb raider.. LOL omg! i’m excited on dara’s looks for their live perf of this song. want to see dara with her long wavy hair just like this. and of course with that outfit. wohooo! okay dara… fanboys will definitely line up again. LOL

  15. when my 8 yrs old brother saw dara he said “cool! she’s using kukri…’

    BTW my brother is a crossfire addict! lol.

  16. justsomerandomguy said:

    I just wish they give Dara a bazooka or a laser gun since Minzy has a deadly truck, CL has two pistols and Bom has shotgun.

    On the other note: sdasdqwwqfegkmqcjnxnzcvvs!!

  17. Wow…..!! Great !!!!

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