OMG! Today’s performances were jjang, daebak, epic!!!! LMAO! I’ve re-watched like it like ten times each already! The girls did so so so well!

First is their Hate You intro. I won’t deny that I wanted to see more of this perf! I wanted to see Dara’s part in full. She and Minzy shared maknae’s parts in the first verse. And she looked soooooo pretty with her hair and her outfit! GAHHH! SPAZZING FOREVER! LMAO! XD I was just sooo bummed that the camera BARELY focused on her! T_T Yo, Mr. Cameraman, focus on my pretty Dara next time too eh? Kekeke! ^_^

2NE1 – Hate You On Inkigayo

Dara most specially nailed her parts in Ugly! I won’t deny that I was holding my breath when her parts for the bridge came on while I was streaming, and Dara did not disappoint! She delivered, and delivered it so well! Her emotions and facial expressions were spot on!

2NE1 – UGLY on Inkigayo

Credits: CodeAnalysisSeason5 at YouTube 


Comments on: "Videos: [Updated w/ Caps] 110731 2NE1’s Jjang Performances For Hate You and Ugly on Inkigayo" (25)

  1. Yssabella said:

    Dara proved in HY that she is the goddess! And in Ugly, I think they will not expose her beauty as it will be an irony to the song, hehehe! ♥♥♥ Dara ^_^

  2. I was wondering how Dara had lines in the beginning hehe she shared how nice if maknae minggki. Lol Dara looked beautiful and nailed every note! 🙂
    Please upload the performances from 2NE1’s official channel 🙂

  3. tangerine_24 said:

    proud mother hen right here 😛 go go go Dara-yah..

  4. miss.ticism said:

    I think the blocking was kinda off when Dara sang her first part in Hate You… she also didn’t look at the camera/audience… i think it wouldve been better if she glanced at the camera at least once… I also think she won’t be wearing any crazy outfits for their Hate You perfs so Dara-yah please look at the camera and stun us more with your beauty ^_____^

  5. miss.ticism said:

    hello ohdara admins ^_^ yg already uploaded their Inki perf in 2ne1’s official channel. ^__^

  6. looking forward to their next performance! much love to dara and the rest of the girls! :))

  7. bleighton_chaera! said:

    i’m so proud of DARA!!!and oh i miss her long hair..she looks so gorgeous!!
    love all the performance!!!

  8. daragonlove said:

    i wish dara won’t wear leggings for the next hate you performance…

  9. Dara is so gorgeous in Hate You. PDnim, whats wrong? LOL but well, she shines anyway.
    UGLY! i love Ugly so much! i also wish she could get rid of her cap. just put those tentacles in her shoulder. lol. it looks annoying that she has to hold on to that oversized cap to keep it from falling.
    her voice is just divine! i also held my breath while waiting for that part. LOL. we Dara fans know she’s always had it in her but we really want her to do it right to prove her doubters wrong. and she delivered so well! ^_^ her voice is so clear! it really is heavenly. i just love reading comments about how proud Dara biased fans are, and how impressed those who arent. i think Darong won more fans coz of UGLY. while her haters are getting ridiculous by saying her part is easy to sing. lmao. i just laugh at them.
    Darong really is making us prouder as time goes by.

    • daragonlove said:

      wow..can i like…like it!

    • I totally agree with you.. Get rid of that hat.. It may look good in photographs but in performances I can see that she’s having a hard time with it.. She barely smiles in the ugly performance and keep holding that hat.. Anyways, the girls are awesome as always.. 😀

      • maybe the concept was “no smiling”? in the song, all of them thinks they’re ugly so why would they smile about it?

  10. 2NE1 deserves to win next week! Awesome performance with awesome songs from them!

    Goddess indeed!

    I love her red top on HY, FOR RENT lol.

    I want to see her wear skirt like that on HY, and sleeveless without her crazy hairstyle.

    Also want to see her face on UGLY because her cap was covering it, her facial expression is always a winner to me everytime they perform. Such a killer!

    • tikilovesapples said:

      Definitely agree with everything you said!!

      So proud of the girls!!!!! So proud of our Dara!!!! 🙂

  11. talabels said:

    DARA IS SO PRETTY!!!!! I love love her look in their HY performance!!! Although she was rarely focused by the camera, my eyes were only following her!!

    And in the UGLY performance the girls did so good and the bridge part was so awesome!!! Dara sure nailed and delivered her part flawlessly and amazingly! GO! GO! GO! DARA! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! ^_^

    But I hope that in next weeks performance, they’ll have a different and a MUCH BETTER outfit for Dara. She surely pulled off her outfit today but the cap and whatever it is hanging in there was covering her face. I want to clearly see the emotions playing on her face while she’s singing.

  12. arsheen said:

    words are not enough to express how amazing 2ne1’s performances are and how proud i am as a blackjack…

    and goddess d just gave me goosebumps… i’m sure haters are now sulking… haha…

  13. I was almost crying while they were performing Ugly…I was so touched. 2NE1 another great performance..More HY perf please. XD

  14. 2ne1 always give their best! I’m so proud of them especially our goddess D who nailed her performance in Ugly. She’s so gorgeous in Hate You, I super like her outfit sexy but boyish at the same time. Hope next week they’ll win. 🙂

    • Agree!!!!Goddess Dee Jjang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love her hat<33 🙂
      2NE1 HWAITING!!!!!!! K-blackjack,please continue supporting our 2ne1!!!

  15. miss.ticism said:

    i love HY’s choreo/perf SO MUCH, and for UGLY i loved it when Dara bowed her head after her bridge part, so cool, btw, KBlackjacks were so loud, I’m a very happy fangirl right now 😀

  16. loving the performances~♥ but..why didn’t the cameraman focus on Dara during HATE YOU? err..that wasn’t nice! why? is Dara that beautiful that she can’t be focused? LMAO! or YG especially ordered the cameraman to limit her exposure to control her fanboys? delusional much~ oh well, maybe we have to be patient and expect her beauty to unfold in the next performances..^^ 2NE1 jjang!

  17. wow!!!!2ne1 really rocked the stage.!!!

    .,dara is truly a goddess even with that costumes….woot..
    .,i hate you performance is really epic!!love goddess D outfit and the ugly stage!!!W.O.W!!
    truly legend…hahaha..i love dara voice…its so soft and fresh…
    i really hope they win next week!!!…2NE1 F.I.G.H.T.I.N.G!!

    P.S. i kinda miss reading comments here in ohdara…(T-T)

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