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Articles: “Happy birthday Sandara Park” + “Sandara Park looks pure …” +comments



Article: “Happy birthday Sandara Park”… YG reveals Dara in a pure-white dress
Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+2490, -93]  How can she be such a gorgeous baby face ㅜ Happy birthday!

2. [+1642, -55]  Happy Birthday Sandara Park~ hope you have a lovely day~!

3. [+1401, -77]  Super pretty.  I’m crying ㅜㅜ

4. [+1316, -67]  Wow… totally a goddess…

5. [+1164, -52]  She’s really pretty.  Happy Birthday Sandara❤

(T/N: ‘Babyface’ is a word used in Korean to describe someone who looks very young despite their age.)
6. [+213, -9]  There’s no denying that Sandara Park’s a babyface but what’s more amazing is that her face isn’t “baby-like” at all like Moon Geunyoung’s or Park Boyoung’s.  Her face is innocent yet lady-like and her age doesn’t seem to show through it.  As a woman myself, I think she has the best face.

7. [+163, -17]  I feel that out of all the female idols Sandara can be part of the Top 3 companies’ beauties along with Suzy and Yoona ㅠㅠ  I’m really curious as to why they didn’t push Sandara Park forward more ㅋㅋ  I’m thinking it might have had something to do with the great image 2NE1 had as an artist and a group… They should really try to push her more in dramas and movies and let her branch out in that area… she was so pretty during her Etude CF days too… It’s super hard to find a beauty like her… It’s a waste to just keep letting her age.  Anyway, she’s gorgeous

8. [+138, -4]  It was only because her group’s concept was unusual and convoluted but if you think about it, she’s totally in the upper ranks when it comes to girl group visuals

9. [+140, -11]  She needs a good scolding, how is that the face of a 30 year old?  Dara, we need to have a talk

10. [+125, -9]  So pretty… I really can’t see her as being 32 years old

11. [+111, -3]  Sandara really fits a light, innocent make-up look better than heavy make-up!

12. [+109, -6]  This unnie is an ’84er? …. So she’s really 32 years old?…. Is she a vampire or what ㄷㄷㄷ  How is she not aging?  What a total baby face dang

13. [+99, -4]  A celebrity that I want to see succeed even more

14. [+94, -6]  For a second I thought she was getting married… wow, her age doesn’t affect her beauty at all.  How can those looks be that of a 32 year old’s?

15. [+67, -4]  If she’s already this pretty on pictures, bet she’s even prettier in person…



Naver TV Ent: Sandara Park looks pure like a white jasmine in YG Stage photoshoot

1. [+705, -59] Wow super pretty…

2. [+559, -44] Dara unni is a stunner

3. [+464, -37] Sandara does match the beauty of a jasmine

4. [+428, -38] The ambience of the photoshoot is gorgeous ㅠㅠ

5. [+400, -51] I wanna hear 2NE1 sing ㅠ

6. [+63, -7] No weird hairstyle or facial expressions in this photoshoot. Damn pretty!

7. [+63, -11] Isn’t she too beautiful? It’s unrealistic^^ She’s naturally pretty~ Happy Birthday, Happy Sandara Day, Goddess Sandara Day~~

8. [+47, -8] She proves that age is a number… Her face stays youthful

9. [+37,-9] She had activities throughout the year but didn’t get herself into scandals. Her heart is just as beautiful as her face~ Her kind personality shines in ‘Sugarman’… These photos are breathtaking!

Credits: @YGPress + @kkuljaem

Twitter+Instagram: @RyanBang greets Dara a Happy Birthday – “Thank you for always being kind and you really love the Philippines”


Thank you for always being kind and you really love the Philippines. I know you miss being here very much and I hope you can comeback soon and God bless you more.

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Happy Birthday @daraxxi

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Source: @ryanbang

Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

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Video: Fun-Filled “Missing Korea” Episode 1 Released with Enchanting Actress Park Sandara ~ Of Head-Banging Lee Yeon Hwa and Make-up Transformations

OMG! So much fun! Internet was miserable earlier and I only got to watch now OTL… T_T But OMG OMG OMG! So so so fun! Kekeke! No English subs yet, I’m hoping YGE pulls through and uploads this with subs for us international fans. T_T But Dara’s acting is on-point! Her visuals are on point! ❤ The drama promises to be fun and entertaining! I love it! Cannot wait for the episode tomorrow! ❤ 

Unfortunately there’s no English subs yet.. T_T Rest-assured, we will post it up as soon as there is one from any official source.. ^_^ Click on the picture to go to the Naver TVCast video! It should be available for viewing in all countires.. Enjoy! 

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! ❤

Missing Korea – Episode 1: “Who Are U?”



Source: Missing Korea Naver TVCast

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Photos: 151027 Press Photos of Pink Angel Dara at “Love Your W” Breast Cancer Awareness Event

PRETTY DARA! ❤ Goddess force.. ^^ I actually like how she opted to wear something not black.. XD She’s like a pink ray of sunshine in a sea of black.. ^_^









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Info/Photos/Video: Park Sandara Joins YG Entertainment Actors and Actresses on Newly Launched “YG Stage”

So basically, YG Stage is YGE’s special platform for their actors and actresses.. 






She looks so so so gorgeous and I just want to cry happy tears.. TT______________TT Our actress Dara in bloom!!! ❤



Her profile on the website:

Park Sandara: As one of 2NE1’s vocals, her radiant and diverse charms earn her a lot of love. Sandara Park has received the nickname of 2NE1’s Public Relations Director, due to her constant communications and active updates for the fans; her charming and refreshing image also garners many love calls for various CFs.


Check out YG Stage’s website! 

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Photos: Sweet Actress Dara Shows her Love and Gratitude to all the WBU “Thank You Event” Attendees with Free Drinks!

Dara had a catering cafe available for all the people who went to the mini concert.. TT_____________TT Our beautiful goddess has such a wonderful heart of gold.. Seriously, she’s one of a kind, she loves her fans as much as we love her, and goes out of her way to show her appreciation.. We love you Dara! ❤ I’m sure the fans who went to the concert were really appreciative as well.. ❤

The sticker says “Let Noh Woori Buy For You!!! Drink!!! Drink!!!”




Source: @littlestone_

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Photo: First Teaser Pic of Chic and Fab Summer Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl, July 2015 Issue!

OH HELLO THERE GORGEOUS SUMMER GODDESS IN HOT RED LIPSTICK~! Dara’s presence screams “celebrity” she looks fab and chic! And does her shirt say “Big In Korea”? Dara, you’re a big hit in all of our hearts. ❤ Cannot wait for this! ^^


Source: Kyobobook

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Photo: HQ/HD Of Lovely, Captivating Goddess Sandara Park for Elle Korea, June Issue

Our perfect goddess, I so love this look, I can’t even.. I love the entire dark, bohemian. chic tone of the entire photoshoot, gah! TT Will upload more pics as they come out.. ❤

k6J1Yql Dara2




Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

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Photos: 150501 OhMyGoddess Awesome HD/HQ Pictures of Casual, Glowing, Beautiful Dara Arriving and Leaving Music Bank Recording

She looks so so so pretty.. T_T I love her hair styled like this, because it shows her pretty face so much.. ❤ Love! Love her casual outfit, love her smile, gah, love her everything! ❤


And these were taken when she arrived.. ^^




More pictures at Goddess Dara website!!!


Source: @ohmygoddessDARA

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Photos: 141024 Fantaken Pics of Lovely Sandara Park at the Airport Going to Taiwan

Why hello there! Thanks always to the Blackjack-tographers for all the lovely, lovely photos! ❤






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