Our perfect goddess, I so love this look, I can’t even.. I love the entire dark, bohemian. chic tone of the entire photoshoot, gah! TT Will upload more pics as they come out.. ❤

k6J1Yql Dara2




Source: @goduandme5 + goddessdara.com via @ohmygoddessDARA

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photo: HQ/HD Of Lovely, Captivating Goddess Sandara Park for Elle Korea, June Issue" (11)

  1. I know Dara will do just fine! Dara is one of the strongest idol out there in Kpop so I do not for a second believe that what others say will affect her ability to play the role. I totally fine with CL not wanting to watch this as she is probably busy making another one of those *song* with Diplo. ahahaha..

  2. Dara waited for a looooong time to get an opportunity to act again so I doubt she’ll let all the teasing get to her. She always does her best.

  3. Anneli Gianan said:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I SO LOVE THEIR SHOTS… Dara really is a GODDESS and a VAMPIRE!!! I’m super spazzing right now. Can’t wait for the release of their web drama. YES, I also have the feels that this will be more successful. Hope that YG will put english subs so we, FILIPINO and INTERNATIONAL DARALINGS/BLACKJACKS can understand it; and more International netizens will watch it. DARA FIGHTING!!! WE BROKE UP FIGHTING!!!

  4. ygfavoritismmonster said:

    Goddamnit! Why you so fcking perfect!!! You are a GODDESS and no one beats her, that beauty is undefeated. I hope she dons more of this smoky eye look cause she honestly looks so good with it. This photoshoots proves that Dara slays everything may it be a cute or hot concept. All hail! CAnt wait for the drama, i so love them both. Im glad that the YGK+ sees her worth, unlike YG. argh! that damn old favoritism . Go DARA let them see how much of an Ace you are.SLAAAY!

  5. ckjack_bla said:

    I feel that We Broke Up is gonna be a transition of Dara from web series to TV drama. I hope it goes well! Fighting!!!

  6. daisang said:

    Perfect beauty and angle can’t wait to see their webtoon drama.

  7. Desiweelovesapples said:

    I really liked the photo with the 4 of them together. His eyes doesn’t show but Seung Yoon seems to be looking intensely at Dara unnie…. ahhhh I can’t wait for the drama to come out!

  8. alohadara said:

    She’s gonna make us forget the years difference/yg family thing and we will only see their chemistry together, their love, hurt, and whatever else this drama is going to be about. Hope she gets to sing with Seung yoon. Dara Seung yoon Fighting!

  9. Desiweelovesapples said:

    I was waiting for this! Thanks guys!

  10. Song Moon Fyre said:

    I hope to God, Dara won’t forget that if she wants to be respected as an actress she won’t let the teasing of jib of other people on how ackward it is to be acting opposite KSY coz he’s their dongsaeng, hoobae, etc. get to her. She might unconsciously put restrictions on how she shoukd portray the role coz she’s conscious about what they’ll say or how they’ll react. It is a role and as an actress, she should give it justice.

    • Desiweelovesapples said:

      I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine… i was also having some second thoughts since they’re “family” but oh well. I’m sure she’ll do great. Her and Seung Yoon. 🙂

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