OH HELLO THERE GORGEOUS SUMMER GODDESS IN HOT RED LIPSTICK~! Dara’s presence screams “celebrity” she looks fab and chic! And does her shirt say “Big In Korea”? Dara, you’re a big hit in all of our hearts. ❤ Cannot wait for this! ^^


Source: Kyobobook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Comments on: "Photo: First Teaser Pic of Chic and Fab Summer Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl, July 2015 Issue!" (2)

  1. noasskissing said:

    It seems like the only posibility of seeing Dara in stunning outfits and styling is whenever someone outside of YG is the one who styles her. Im so glad that the YGK+ CEO is doing well in promoting her of what YG failed to do in all these years. Its sad that its just happening now that she’s 30, yeah you cant bring time back. Which is why it makes me dislike YG more. He just let this Goddess live in the attic even with that kind of beauty. Yet he was able to have one of the members have their own make up artists and keep her styling on poiunt while the others rot in ugly outfits. Like WTF YG? Is it so hard not to play faves?

  2. Wow! Dara is getting bolder and I love it! She’s so vibrant! 🙂

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