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Video: Dara’s Winning Speech for Etude’s Coool Skin World Championship 110M Hurdles

This is soooo cute in so many levels! ^_^ I totally love Etude’s concept for their Sun BB Cream! Here is a video of Dara being “interviewed” after winning the 110M Hurdles in Etude’s Coool Skin World Championship! 

Credit: etudeblog@YouTube

Photos: Dara for Etude’s Sun BB Cream 110M Hurdles

Dara is so cute! ^_^ Even though I know this is just shooting for a CF, I can’t help but root for her and I’m actually happy that she fake-won! Kekeke! 

Dara: “I muuuussssttttt win!”

Dara: “Must stretch muscles!!!”


Photos: Fun and Energetic Dara for Etude’s Sun BB Cream (HQ)

How cute and adorable are these shots?!?! I am loving Etude’s concepts for their CFs more and more! Dara looks so cute totally focused on the hurdles one moment and then applying Sun BB Cream the next. Let’s not forget her intense look for Table Tennis as well. Check out how pretty she is in her cheerleader outfit too! 

DARA GOT THE GOLD MEDAL! (I don’t know why but I’m excited! Kekekeke) Does this mean Dara and SHINee can now eat with Tabi?

Click the link below for more photos!


Photos: Dara and SHINee for Etude’s Sun BB Cream

These photos are so adorable especially the ones with Dara and Minho! They look so cute together! ^_^ Check out Dara’s muscles! She might be small but look at that! What is Key doing to Dara?

If you guys could put captions on these thought bubbles, what would you put?!


Photos: Pretty Dara For Etude’s Official Advertisements For Coool Campaign!

Oh my gawd. Finally. A bigger, clearer pic of Dara in this get-up. Doesn’t she look so different? But still so beautiful! ^^

So she’s going to promote Coool Fix Proof Mascara and…

Coool Skin Sun BB Cream, this along with SHINee.. ^^

More pretty, official pics after the cut! ^^


Photo: Dara and SHINee for Etude Sun BB Cream AD

This is so cute! ^_^ I really love that SHINee has joined Dara as endorsers for Etude. At least there’s some testosterone in there. With all the gold medals they have, they can now all dine with TOP! ^_^ More more more! We want more!

Thanks @ S_Bar_pinky!